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Use this section to search for studies on infectious causes of rheumatic diseases, efficacy of antibiotic treatment for rheumatic diseases, possible triggers and/or causes and other allied topics.

Some of the studies we have included are historical but still have relevance today. Some are very recent as infectious theory, once again, gains traction in the global research community. We’ll keep adding to this section as we become aware of new and pertinent research.

Use the search function on the right to look up research pertaining to your disease by simply clicking on it. If you have a mixed diagnosis, relevant studies will be included in each. The General section includes research that applies to rheumatic diseases generally or that doesn’t fit into the nominated categories.

The studies have been set out in a Q & A format to make it easy for you to look at ones you are interested in. There is an overview of each study next to its title. Click on that to see the summary. Please note that some medical journals do not allow free public access to full studies. In some cases, to view the full text, subscriptions or purchase of individual studies may be required.

UPDATE! June 22, 2017

Our next category now live in the research section is Rheumatoid Arthritis/Palindromic RA. Take a look – and there’s more to come in this category!