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You can now submit an online request for Antibiotic Protocols (AP) and/or Lyme Literate Medical Doctors (LLMDs) in the United States, or Internationally, and receive an immediate automated email response.

The Road Back Foundation (RBF) doctor lists are maintained by volunteers as a free courtesy service to rheumatic patients choosing antibiotic therapy for treatment. These lists are compiled entirely on the basis of patient recommendations and feedback. You can help us to keep the RBF doctor lists current by providing feedback on things like doctor contact info corrections, new doctors we may add, and/or feedback on a doctor you have visited. (See Important Instruction #6 below).

If there are no doctors near you and you are unable to travel, you can print out the Doctor Packets (Pulsed and Daily Protocols) and other Resources provided on the RBF website and take them to a local doctor of your choosing to ask for assistance. In addition to a Rheumatologist, some rheumatic patients have found that a local General Practitioner/Primary Care Physician, Integrative/Functional/Holistic/Alternative or Naturopathic Medicine Doctor will help.

  1. Please read these important instructions before accessing RBF’s Doctor Search System:
  2. 1. After clicking on one of the doctor list options below, an informational form will appear. Please read and click the “I AGREE” box before clicking the Submit button at the foot of that page to be directed to the automated doctor list system.
  3. 2. To prevent your doctor list emails going to spam, add roadback.org to your safe-sender email address list.
  4. 3. At the top of each of your 3 doctor list selection forms, you will be required to complete basic information fields, including your personal email address. Please note: business email firewalls may block automated email systems.
  5. 4. Only one doctor list can be selected on each of the 3 consecutive forms, so be sure to click “Submit” at the foot of each doctor list selection in order for the next list to appear.
  6. 5. Please be sure to make your doctor list selections carefully. Once your 3 separate doctor lists have been sent to your email, you will need to wait one month in order to make 3 additional doctor list requests on this automated system.
  7. 6. If you have experienced difficulty in using the automated doctor search system, you will need to register for the Community Forum or Facebook Group to ask a volunteer for further assistance. The lists are only as current as the feedback received by volunteers in these community discussion areas, so please let a volunteer know of any clinic contact info updates/corrections, new Doctor recommendations, or general feedback on Doctors you have visited.

For U.S. Doctor Lists: you may select 3 states or 2 states and the “most experienced” doctor list.

For Doctor Lists in Other Countries: you may select up to 3 different countries based on travel preferences. Australians may select up to 3 states or 2 states and the “most experienced” doctor list.

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