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    I am new to the board and I have RA.  I just recently started minocycline 100 mg twice a day.  I started minocycline on Jan 19th, 2008 and it has done wonders for me.

    I do have yeast problems, though and from reading the posts I am going to get the probiotic PB8.

    Is it better to take it M,W,F instead of daily?

    Can anyone explain how do I post my diagnosis RA and AP treatment at the end of my post?

    I have reading posts and I am really glad I joined.  Thank you all for sharing your experiences.

    AK Girl


    Go to “My Account”

    Then “Profile”

    Add your info in the signature space.

    I just started therapy 01/14/2008.




    Thank you AK girl!  😉


    Are you taking minocycline 100 mg twice a day?  Do you have RA?  Can you tell a difference in how you feel and mobility? 

    I have RA in my right ankle and AP therapy has helped me tremendously with the pain, inflammation and chronic fatigue.  I have more energy and I can walk!  Have you gotten hives or any itching since on AP therapy?

    A Friend


    If you know you have a yeast problem, you might benefit from getting a copy of any of Dr. Wm Crook's books (the library may have a copy of one of his newest ones).  In Chronic Fatigue & the Yeast Connection, Dr. Crook gave suggestions for two of his favorite OTC supplements to address yeast overgrowth… one was capryllic acid and another was a liquid Grapefruit Seed Extract (NOW was my favorite brand of the grapefruit seed drops). 

    Taking probiotics can help restore your good flora, but a supplement for fungus is probably needed to clear out the fungal problem.  If you try the grapefruit seed extract, I found getting a large can of V-8 Mild Picante juice (it's like V-8 except it has some spiceiness to it like a Bloody Mary, and this camoflouges the bitterness of the drops).  His instructions were to start with 2 drops of the grapefruit seed extract in about 4 ounces of the liquid, and gradually work up to 15 drops over time.  Let me warn you, don't get carried away and jump right up to the higher number of drops.  This liquid can really start moving some of the fungal properties.  (If this type product does not clear it up, then Diflucan is probably the best RX for this.)

    My original infection in my jaw had spread to my head and was treated for two years with abx, and not knowing about probiotics, ec.  When I began the drops, and upped the dose too quickly, it felt like a mud slide in my throat.  Also, when this begins to happen, you can develop some chills and fever during the night — when the body normally detoxifies.  I took an ibuprofen when this would occur, and would go back to sleep and start sweating.  The next morning, I would feel so much better. 

    Again, I suggest you read one of his books about using different preparations for this purpose.  


    PS Again, I suggest you read one of Dr. William Crook's books about his recommendations for these.  It will be a good learning experience.  Also, you might ask your pharmacist (especially a compounding pharmacist) how far away from your abx both of these should be taken, as grapefruit is known to intensity effectiveness of some medications.  I'll also try to ask my very knowledgeable compounding pharmacist about this, who has a copy of the German Pharmacopeia (sp?) which covers medications and supplement usage.   



    I love the idea of using capryllic acid and grapefruit seed extract instead of diflucan!
    I think I'll give this a try!

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