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    HI Everyone: I was diagnosed in March of this year with RA. Currently on 200mg daily of Hydroxychloroquin. Just finished a 5 day course of azithromycin 1 gram daily. I tested positive for ureaplasma and past exposure to mycoplasma pneumonia 414 antibodies. I think the RA is driven by the mycoplasma, ureaplasma and possibly leaky gut. Would you have any advice for me as a newbie going forward on what to do? Thanks so much. I am also in Arizona and would like to know if there are doctors in AZ to help me.


    Hi Hotten,

    There are a few AP docs in AZ. Did you find the automated Doctor Search on this site? If not, click here:

    Doctor Search

    There are many ways to heal leaky gut, which seems to be a big player in rheumatic diseases. Are you working with an integrative or functional medicine doctor who can advise you on this? Integrative AP doctors are the ideal in this scenario.

    I have found that a Pre- Pro- and Post-biotic are very helpful, especially ones containing sodium butyrate, which is a short/chain fatty acid made by certain types of gut bacteria from fermented dietary fiber that helps restore the gut lining and to help reduce inflammation. You can research this and other suggestions to discuss with your new AP doc.

    Intestinal butyrate-metabolizing species contribute to autoantibody production and bone erosion in rheumatoid arthritis

    Another supp people find beneficial is l-glutamine and others have found a compounded med, called LDN, helpful. Bovine colostrum has properties that are helpful. Diet can be key for many. These are all things that can be researched over time and discussed with the doc. You can use the search box at the top of this forum, using key words, like “heal leaky gut,” to find past posts made by others and what has been found to be useful.

    Hope the above offers some pointers. We are just fellow patients here and unable to advise on anything, just to share what has helped us.

    All the best in your searches for the ideal AP doc for you!


    Thank you so much for your great advice Maz. I put my name into the doctor list and it said limited to one submission per user. I put my first and last name and submit and it gave me that message. I do not recall ever receiving an AP doctor list.

    I am not currently working with a functional or integrated doctor.

    Very interesting about the butyrate. I had a stool test done and it came back with low butyrate and so I am supplementing right now with it.

    I am currently on LDN and it has been helping me. If I go off of hydroxychloroquine my pain seem to come back.

    Do you have any recommendations for a pre-po and post probiotic?

    Thanks so much for your help.



    Sorry to hear you had issues with the automated Doc Search system. Mostly, it works seemlessoy, but occasionally it doesn’t like some email servers or IP addresses. Happy to send you a list of AP docs in AZ through the PM system and hope one of the providers works for you.

    Interesting that your test came back with low butyrate – seems that RAers (and other rheumatic diseases) are low in these types of butyrate-producing, protective organisms, according to other research I’ve encountered.

    Will share the other info you asked about in a PM.


    Hi Maz: Thank you for your response. Would I receive that PM through my email or somewhere else. I have not seen anything yet. Sorry I am new to this whole system.

    Thank you. Heidi


    HI Maz: Please disregard the previous message. I found the PM.. Thank you


    Glad you found it okay. There are helpful instructions on how to use the forum in the permanent threads at the top of the General Discussion area if you need a refresher at any time. With PMs, you should always get an automated email notification that you have a message in your profile inbox (unless you turn off that function), but sometimes these automated notifications wind up in junk mail so get missed.

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