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    Rockin Annie

    How time flies!! Time for an update, the beginning of December 2014, I change from Mino to Doxilyn slowly. I am on 200mgs Doxy now am and pm and feel really great. I was having a lot of trouble with one foot and was having Prolotherapy, which helped a little, but I really don’t know if going on to Doxy or going completely gluten free changed things for me, but my feet feel great and no problem with any of my dancing. Now I look forward to lessons, where before I had trouble even putting my shoes on, I have also started walking the Red Arrow, which is a very hard forest stair climb to a lookout, which I haven’t done since my accident on the walk (I don’t want to recall that at all).

    I am flying down to Brisbane to see Human Nature in concert and while I am down there I will see an AP doctor who was recommended to me by one of our RB great volunteers. I hope to just touch base with him as I don’t see anyone up here in cairns and just simply run blind with everything. I guess I have been fortunate really as I don’t know what I would do if I had real problems, hopefully this doc will answer a lot of my questions and maybe do phone consults as well.

    Oh I did have a big flare last December2014 which I took 25mgs pred and weaned off over 2 weeks, since then I have been great, love that pred just dont like the side effects.

    Also my bone density last November, I had been on prolia for 2 years which showed great results in increased bone density.

    Diagnosed with RA in 2004, after trying many conventional meds I changed to mino.
    2015 changed to doxy 50mgs
    2016 went off doxy, after getting double pneumonia and massive flare put myself on 250 mgs Zith & 50 mgs doxy, which I will increase slowly.
    Supps, magnesium, NAC, vit c, krill oil, oregano oil, thisylin, turmeric, olive leaf extract, vit B, multi vit.

Viewing 16 post (of 16 total)

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