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    I continue to have good disease control using generic 100mg Minocycline tablets. I recently started using the Minoz brand tablets and have been able to cut back to 1 a day. My primary care internist wrote the prescription and I bought them from http://www.premiumrxdrugs.com The price was $67.57 for 90 tablets and $10 shipping. I have not bought from http://www.alldaychemist.com yet but their web page lists 90 Minoz tablets for $55.19 and $15 shipping if you pay by echeck. Both companies require an RX from your doctor.

    Psoriatic Arthritis: Plaquenil 200mg daily; 100mg Minocycline TABLET daily; twice daily 400mg Pentoxifylline;100mcg Levotyroxine; Have been using some level of Minocycline since 2008

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