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    Been on minocycline for about five or six months. Mon Wed Friday at 150MG… on a scale of one to ten that with ten being the most painful with herxing. I am experiencing wonderful results just as I did twenty years ago. The pain has left my ankles, my knees but has only lessened slightly on my left arm to a five but my right arm with the lymphedema the pain is still in my shoulders down into my arm but has lessened also to a seven. This past week I have lessened my MGs by 50MGs to see if I can start to lessen my dosage. I have passed the side effect of nausea but I am experiencing poor balance only sometimes. I remember that Dr. Thomas McPhearson Brown constantly changed dosages for his patients….Any advice would be so welcome. I wear a sleeve for lymphedema every single day but cannot tolerate the wrappings on my right arm that my therapist insists on. Mary G

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