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    Hey all,

    I got my results today for the IgG/IgE food allergy testing I had done.  I know some of you have had that kind of testing done, so I want to pick your brains.

    The scales 5 levels 0 = no antigen detected, Very Low, Low, Moderate, High

    I only had anything come back with the Very Low designation.  It surprises me a little what is on here.  These were the foods showing sensitivities (VL):

    Dairy:  cheddar cheese, cottage cheese, cow milk and yogurt (goat milk is okay, which is what I have been drinking predominately all year)

    Fruit:  banana, pineapple

    Veggies:  alfalfa, celery, mushroom

    Fish:  none
    Poultry/meat:  none

    Nuts/Grains:  almond, buckwheat, kidney bean, oat, rice, soy (but not gluten or wheat or corn)

    Misc.:  yeast, cane sugar (but not coffee or chocolate or honey!!!)

    Well this explains why the gluten free diet was a bust for me!  And I was apparently a CAT in my last life, as I tolerate meat very well.

    Some of these foods I eat a lot of, such as cheddar cheese (love pepper jack!), yogurt and the banana are daily parts of my diet in my smoothies.  I will be seeing the doctor that ordered this later this month, so he can tell me more about it then, but I wanted to get feedback from others on this.  How have you used this test to help with your diet?  I found a website to read more.  Here is the link to that site:



    Susan LymeRA

    Hi Tiff,

    This sounds like really good results.  If you avoid your trigger foods for a time, you will probably be able to add them back into your diet.

    It is always the foods you eat most that you develop allergies too.  The way to avoid this is to rotate foods every 4 days.  If you eat diary today, do not eat again for 4 days. 

    My test was done by ALCAT labs and they sent detailed explanation and what to eat when.  The mild reaction foods I could add back into my diet after 3 mths.  Add one at a time and wait 72 hrs to see if I have a reaction.  The medium reacted foods, wait 6 mths and the highly reactive foods never eat again.  sigh….

    Food allergies does not seem to be a big part of your problem, you lucky dog..oops! cat.  Just be careful to not eat the same foods day after day.




    Hi  Tiff – that sounds like good news. I will be having those kind of tests next month when I travel interstate to see my new AP doc and the naturopath that she works in tandem with. Meantime, I am on an elimination diet for salicylates, gluten/wheat, dairy and sulphur products. Life is particularly boring food-wise. However, I think in a couple of months time, I will have a better handle on what I'm sensitive to. The slaicylates they cant test for, you just need to go on an elimination diet and then “challenge” gradually. 
    I hope your new-found information empowers you and that you see some good results soon. At least you now have one more piece to this confounding puzzle. I'll keep you up to date (as I promised) with my road and all info that I gather on the way. Take care. Lynnie

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    Be well! Lynnie

    Palindromic RA 30 yrs (Chronic Lyme?)
    Mino 2003-2008 100mg MWF - can no longer tolerate any tetracyclines
    rotating abx protocol now. From Sep 2018 MWF - a.m. Augmentin Duo 440mg + 150mg Biaxsig (roxithromycin). p.m. Cefaclor (375mg) + Klacid 125mg + LDN 3mg + Annual Clindy IV's
    Diet: no gluten, dairy, sulphites, low salicylates
    Supps: 600mg N-AC BID, 1000mg Vit C, P5P 40mg, zinc picolinate 60mg, Lithium orotate 20mg, Magnesium Oil, Bio-identical hormones (DHEA + Prog + Estrog)


    Thanks, Lynn.  The directions for the food testing recommended that you eat a wide variety of foods for two weeks prior to testing in order to have some of the antigens in circulation.  You might want to check into that with your doctor.  That was the fun part of the test. 😛

    Susan, I'm hoping my doctor will give me more detail when I see him, but I expect it will be pretty much as you suggested.  Did you get this done again to see if you had fixed the problem foods?

    Susan LymeRA


    I have not had the ALCAT test done again.  I have added most of my lesser foods back into my diet without problem.  I just try to be sure to rotate.

    My new LLMD/Rheumatologist tested me for milk and soy proteins and I came back positive for both.  I was negative for milk proteins on my first test one year earlier.  I believe that was because I was on a vegan diet 4 mths prior to the test and vegan means no animal products so I did not test allergic.  Once I removed dairy (I miss cheese), my joint pains pretty much became history.

    If I ever get this disease into full remission, after 6 mths or so, I may try these bad foods, but even if I do not react, I may limit them to a Friday night treat.  I don't want this disease to return.





    Did you show a positive reaction to foods you had been eating at least 4 days up to and including the day of the test?



    Yes, for example, I was positive for yogurt and banana, which are a daily part of my breakfast smooothie, one of the few things I thought was probably totally risk free for me.  Doesn't that figure?  The goat milk, which is also in the smoothie, was negative.

    Keep in mind though, that “tested positive” was only slight (2 on a 1-5 scale, with 1 being no antibodies detected).  My husband's says he would interpret the test to mean I have no food allergies.

    To me it looks like after a couple of years of being sick, I am becoming more sensitive to foods rather than looking like food sensitivities have caused my problem.  I just can't see that given these results.  There is not enough reactivity in the foods I eat often to be at the root of the problem.  I need to understand the test better though, because I have no idea what a “healthy” person might test like.  My hubby is curious.  We are thinking of getting him tested.  In recent years he has become less tolerant of spicy foods and tomatoe sauces, so we are just curious to see if that showed up.  He'd be more impressed with the test if it did.  Right now I wonder if he doesn't regard the whole thing like a horoscope.  So I am going to wait for the doctors take on it to make major changes.

    The idea that something is making me sick and causing me to react to foods, which presumably would also cause more symptoms, seems to be more consistent with MP theory.  It would follow that dropping those foods would help you to feel better, and would make things easier on your immune system, but might not solve the problem.  Indeed, over time you  may just become more reactive to other foods until getting a healthy diet might become challenging, especially if you were still not absorbing nutrients well from the foods you did not react to.   Do you see what I mean?  In this model, one must still get to the underlying problem for real healing to be possible.  What do you think?


    Tiff ,

    I believe food allergies are caused from the disease, not the disease caused from the allergies. With the exception of gluten and dairy!

    I think the reason we have food allergies, again with  the exception of gluten and dairy, is because we have leaky gut .Leaky gut causes the foods to leak through the intestinal wall, (out of an actual organ), into the bloodstream thus causing our bodies to develop”antibodies to those foods , which our body now recognizes as a  foreign invader.

    The reason i asked you if you tested positve to what you had currently been eating goes in line with the above. My son showed allergies to what he was mostly eating but showed none to wheat or oats which , on a DNA test , is positve for gluten sensitivity. I think if we have leaky gut, which IMO , most of us do, then we will show sensitivities to many foods that likely will change daily.

    there is a theory behind a 4 day rotation diet. That theory relates to how you can actually “trick” the body on the 5th day by starting the diet over again , that it is not foreign. To get deep into this would take forever but i believe it.

    Celiac disease /gluten sensitivity is linked to an HLA-DQB subtype gene or genes . Most of our diseases will be have a  HLA…..something gene ,meaning that we are genetically PREDISPOSED.

    So if we have this predisposition for a gluten problem, lets say, and we ingest it unknowingly, then we have a good chance we are causing  immunological reactions somewhere in the body( does not have to be the gut) , thus compromising our immune system , perhaps setting it up to be unable to deal with bacteria .

    For example my son showed no allergies to gluten of any kind on a blood test , but through DNA, he has molecular alleles from both his dad and i. This shows he possesses two copies of a gene that predisposes to gluten sensitivity. Becasue he has two genes, that gives him an  even stronger  predisposition than one gene (of course), causing the immunologic gluten sensitivity to be more severe.this also means that each of his parents and all of his children will possess at least one copy of the gene.

    Now in our case and i am speaking only of our cases and not others, I believe we have our disease due to being celiac or gluten sensitive from the start , causing immunological reactions to the body allowing the bacteria to get in , thus not allowing our bodies to fight it.

    Everyone has bacteria and everyone gets mycoplasma, IMO, but why can some fight it and others not. there is a predisposition to something ,somewhere that allows this bacteria to be able to hang on and cause damage to some but not others.Why? because i believe  our immune systems are compromised , along with the genetic predisposition  of whatever, we end up with a illness or disease of some kind. Then with this compromised system , in comes yeast, the body acidic or whatever, a whole ton of things .

    I believe maybe some just get mycoplasm or some bacteria and their immune system at the time cant fight it. Those can go on abx, be successful and stay in remission for yrs never having to change diet etc. But for some, like my family, it is more than that, its a puzzle of many things that cause many more things and we had to address all the things we can once we find out what they are. The start to me is anything DNA.

    If i were you Tiff, and were questioning foods which you are possibly allergic too, then i would spend a few hundred dollars and have a DNA stool test done through http://www.enterolab.com to see if you have DNA for gluten susceptability in the first place. There are also IgA antibody tests for soy and dairy . Soy and dairy have a similar protien makeup to gluten so the body can have a hard time differentiating from these 3 in particular.

    As for the food allergy blood panel, well i am sitting on the fence with that because it is blood. Our blood should not recognize food and get into the bloodstream unless it is “leaking” there. If i had the money , i would have a blood test everyday for my son while he ate different foods each day and for some reason i have a feeling, he would be allergic everyday to all of it.

    I think  that because i have a predisposition genetically to gluten, i could take all the abx i want  and not improve if i continue to eat gluten. Bacteria would continue to invade the gut .Thats just my opinion though.

    To end this long post, sorry guys but you should all know by now when i start , i keep going, drives hubby nuts!!!

    Anyway, i have a friend that just stopped here ot 2 hrs ago. She has a grandchild ,4 yrs old that was diagnosed with ADHD. She has been to numerous docs. He takes pills. Diagnosis: ADHD, unknown cause. She went to the pharmacy with the prescript and the pharmacist SUGGESTED she get some info on gluten and get him off it. Odd a phamacist would make that comment but i think given his situation, IF it is a gluten prob, and not treated, his  future may be being set for stealth pathogen invasion.

    Tiff,I am a newbie and dont really know much , just passing on some of my research as we have been down all these “testing” roads.



    Also, it is now mandatory for all children in some parts of Europe to be tested for celiac/gluten sensitivity and dont quote me on this, but i think the age is 6.




    Susan LymeRA

    The first thing my LLMD/Rheumatologist said to me was “When you get this sick, it is never just one thing”.

    I agree with this and with Casey.  Food sensitivities did not cause RA.  Whatever caused the leaky gut that is causing the food sensitivities caused the RA.  Most likely, more than one thing.

    I bloodtest positive for Babesia WA-1 (tickborne parasite in the red blood cells), chlymadia pneunomia (sp?), mycoplasmas, QFever and EBV.  Stool tested positive for H. Pylori. 

    I had the stool test and the blood test.  I am sensitive to soy and cow milk proteins but not gluten.  Still, I eat gluten very sparingly. 

    I had a gene test done relative to my body's ability to detox.  And as suspected, I have some genetic defects that prevent me from detoxing normally.  Build up of toxins is part of my problem and two doctors stand firm that it is a major part of my problem. 

    I am deficient from birth in glutathione.  Add to that, as we age, we produce less glutathione.  I have been receiving IVs of glut for 1 1/2 yrs and it helps very much.  I did not know that cruciferous vegetables also help the body detox.  No wonder a vegetarian diet is so helpful to me.  By far, the diet gives me the most obvious benefits.

    Some literature received from the pharmacy that is compounding my glutathione states that research has found that people with low levels of glutathione do not enjoy a long, healthy life.  The higher the level of glut (produced naturally by our bodies) the healthier the individual. 

    I haven't researched that yet, but daggone, if that is true, why can't we simply test our levels while healthy and for those who need it, prescribe it?  Think how many of us would never become chronically ill.



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