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    I am computer challenged.  How do I create and place an Avatar?

    Thanks, Pheba.   

    Forum Admin

    To create an avatar, click on “My Account” at the top of the page. Then you will see a row of various tabs, one says Avatar, click on that.

    You will see a blank box with”browse” next to it. Click on Browse to find any picture or graphic on your cumputer. If you want a picture off the internet, copy and save that to a file before opening the Avatar box.


    The first poster gave good info.  If you're challenged, here's how you get an avatar off the internet. 

    Google “avatars”.  You can google things like “funny avatars”, “fairy avatars”, “animal avatars”… to streamline your preferences.

    Then, find an avatar you like.  SOME (bad) sites expect you to PAY for an avatar… :roll-laugh:.  Of course, that's just silly.  When you find an avatar site you like, and an avatar you like… right click on it.  It will give you a box of options.  Choose the one that says something like “save picture as”.  Click on that.  Your avatar will be saved to “my pictures” most likely. 

    Do what the first poster said and go to the avatar section here at this board.  Click “browse”.  Your computer boxy thing will open.  You may not be right there in “my pictures”, but you'll figure that out.  You may be right there in “my pictures” at that point.  Scroll down, find the avatar you just saved and click on it.  Click on the box to upload or choose the avatar.   Finally, upload it with the clickable box on the RBF avatar section. 

    Hope this helps.



    Hi:  I think I did it.  My avatar is my favorite rose, Quietness.  A Griffith Buck rose.  Thrives in the harshest climates.  Disease free, a wonderful wonderful rose. 



    I love your flower pic … and I got a good chuckle from Richie's picture. Isn't he dreamy? That inspired me to use Connie Chung's pic for mine.




    I have 65 roses, mostly Griffith Buck roses.  he was an agriculture scientist from univ. of Iowa.  he raised roses to be disease resistant, bloom all summer, and withstand Iowa winters without protection. 

    My faves are “Quietness”, and Earth Song. 

    The Quietness rose is the one in the photo.


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