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    Well, I just finished writing my first personal history. It only took me nearly two hours:roll-laugh: But at least I didn't lose it this time like I did a few weeks ago.:angry: It would help alot if you'd read that first. I really tried to keep it brief – but it's not exactly brief. Sorry.

    I haven't written in so long because I've been so danged busy. But I get on and read when I can and believe me, your posts have been a great help to me even though I couldn't write in at the time. I have prayed for many of you.

    Well, it's been almost 6 weeks since I started taking mino. I take it once a day every other day. About a week ago, I went through an emotional time. My daughter going back home (miles and miles away)was understandable grief. But I also struggled with a sense of being overwhelmed. This, however, is not new with me. My life is not an exactly easy one (aside from my physical condition). But there are days when I take it all more in stride and other days when I feel I can't take any more. Same set of circumstances, but different in my ability to cope. Lately it seems to be a little worse. It helped alot to read some of your posts. I felt a little less of a nut case or at least in good company 🙂 and encouraged that it will get better. The other thing that has happened is that my jaw on the left has begun to hurt – pretty bad at times but the Etodolac helps alot.

    Last night I forgot to take my anti-inflamatory (Etodolac). It was about 10 at night when I remembered and I was about to go to bed. So I skipped it. Not the first time I have skipped a dose. But the pain I got into during the night was pretty intense. It woke me up. My jaw hurt so bad I could hardly open my mouth and my hands hurt intensely. Both my knees were hurting as well as my shoulders. In the morning, when I was finally able to take the Etodolac, it was about 10:00 AM because I had to take other medications before it. It took a good long while but it finally calmed things down in the early afternoon.

    My question is, is the anti-inflammatory masking a herx? I also feel that the longer I've been on anti-inflammatories, the more I have needed them, like it's making the condition worse even though I “feel” better when I've taken it. So I can't tell if this is a herx or just my condition getting worse. Can anybody shed some light on this for me? (Reading my Personal History will help you understand why I haven't asked my doctor.) Thanks everyone.

    Rockin Annie

    Hi Lyn…….I haven't read you personal history yet, but I just wanted to say hi!…..I know how exasperating losing a post is when you have written a long one especially if you are like me, and not a good typist.

    I can't answer your question about the anti-inflamatory as I question the same thing, if I forget to take mine at night I wake up with pain like you, also in my jaw and neck, sometimes I can't even lift my head up from the pillow.

    You are 2 weeks up on me with you Abx, its only been 4 for me, and I do wonder about the conventional meds masking a herx as well, I am sure they do as I don't have them as bad as most that post on this board. I am putting a lot of confidence in my upcoming phone appointment with my AP doctor on  next Thursday, as I am just feeling my way at the moment.

    I can also relate to you about your daughter, mine is also a plane trip away, but I will look forward to her coming at Christmas, but it will be pure devastation when she leaves.

    I do hope you get an answer soon…….keep us posted………….Annie


    Diagnosed with RA in 2004, after trying many conventional meds I changed to mino.
    2015 changed to doxy 50mgs
    2016 went off doxy, after getting double pneumonia and massive flare put myself on 250 mgs Zith & 50 mgs doxy, which I will increase slowly.
    Supps, magnesium, NAC, vit c, krill oil, oregano oil, thisylin, turmeric, olive leaf extract, vit B, multi vit.

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