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    A friend on another health board reported today, her daughter is an RN in a cardiac section of a hospital and MOST of the patients coming in with flu issues, most have had the flu shots.

    Keep the immune system strong is what I say….. and for me having Oscillo on hand in case is what always has worked
    for me, to start it immediately when symptoms might occur….

    I was with 7 ladies for bridge yesterday and no one has or had the flu and no colds either…..5 of us out of the 8 are
    all on grape seed extract…..

    And what I’ve heard So. Cal. is not being hit as hard as a lot of the country.


    I doubt very much your friends account –I just dont believe it !!!!!!!!!!!!!–You are fortunate that California so far is mild many states are not so mild –an emergency has been declared in NY –Doctors say the flu shot is 60 % effective –thats certainly good enough for me –


    Oh you are calling me a liar about my friends????? Lie, I don’t do….

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Viewing 4 posts - 16 through 19 (of 19 total)

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