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    For a number of years after learning that a solution of water with a small amount of white vinegar could neutralize many of the toxins on lettuce, fruits, and other vegetables, I’ve routinely washed lettuce and other vegetables and fruits almost as soon as I get them home… so they are ready when I am.

    My D-I-L recently asked me about this, and I couldn’t remember the source of it since it had been at least 25 years ago. Then just a few days, I saw it in a link by one of my favorite healthcare professionals, who is a rather renowned nutrition expert. I purchased the first book of his when I had just learned a biopsy was very probably cancer. I was moving to another part of the state, and I needed to research where I might choose to be treated if indeed I had cancer. The place I decided upon was CC of America in Tulsa, where Dr. PQ just happened to be on staff and involved in nutrition therapy. I had not known anything about any of this at that time, except I did consume a good diet and always watched my sweet intake. This was a time at the very beginning of my own chronic illness.

    The link below is where you can read about the benefits of soaking vegetables… and learn about beating cancer with nutrition. I purchased three of the books as each was released, with this same title over a number of years. Before I had a PC online, Dr. PQ was my teacher through his books. Hope what he has written in this link will be helpful to you to decrease your toxic burdens and recover faster.


    Toxic Burdens Increase Our Risks

    Best to you all,

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