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    Jan Lucinda1

    A friend said aloe vera juice was good to protect the stomach.  Anyone else tried this?


    I tried a remedy from the health food store with aloe juice in it. It did soothe my stomach. However, I later found out I had gallbladder issues and that had caused a lot of my stomach ills. Once I had it removed, I have felt so much better. So, I haven't taken it much since then. It did seem to help when I did take it though!

    DX Rheumatoid Arthritis- 3/2008, Began AP 8/2008-continued various forms of AP through present. It's long and complicated- have a question re: my protocol, just ask 🙂


    Hi there,

    I used aloe vera juice in the very beginning of my SD symptoms to help with stomach discomfort and constipation.  I had great results with it, and would drink between 8-12 ounces/day.  I haven't had to use it in about a year but, I had good results when i did use it.  There are lots of articles out there about it, and I've included some links below for you go to.





    My Lyme doctor told me to add this Aloe Vera juice in my diet. So I did. I drink 4-8 oz a day. I get my AV from Trader Joe's.

    Jan Lucinda1

    Thank you all for your comments and the information.  Much appreciated.  I think I will give it a try.:roll-laugh:

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