Sharon 2017 USA

My symptoms began abruptly in September 2014. Rash on face, swollen hands and fingers, swollen legs and feet and puffy face especially around eyes. Terrible fatigue. Chills and low grade fever. Very sensitive hands and feet. Hair loss, muscle loss, weight loss, teeth separating, growths on chest, neck and face. Brainfog, joint pain especially in wrists, fingers and toes and eventually all joints. Diagnosed in January 2015 with diffuse scleroderma and RNA polymerase III number was 116. I turned down both methotrexate and cellcept. I sought out a doctor to treat me with antibiotics. I began AP treatment in June 2015. In January, 2016, I felt a feeling of well being. After that all of my symptoms began to disappear. No new symptoms developed. I have had two ECHO’s and two lung tests since then and now, and everything is doing quite well. I feel like I was given my life back. I wish to thank Cheryl F. at for her phone call and help in finding a doctor to help me with antibioitic treatment. You definitely reached out to me and helped me live a better quality of life. I feel I am truly in full remission with minocycline 100 mg twice a day. I am one happy and thankful and grateful person. I saw my mother go through such misery with scleroderma about 25 years ago. I wish I could have helped her more. I am very thankful was here when I needed help the most in my life.

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