Eric 2004 USA

I stumbled on to this website months after my Mother had been diagnosed. She was in a bad way. It was so difficult to see her going through this. She had been to the usual places… Scripps, UCLA etc. I kept thinking/hoping/praying that there must be something else for her. I found this website and could not believe what I was reading. This was to good to be true I thought. I posted and posted question after question and each one was answered right away. I got my Mom to the Docs in Riverside, Ca. and she is back. Not all the way, but close enough. She is a 67 year old woman who is enjoying life and her three grandkids. I thank the good people of this community and try to make a donation every year. My small donation can not come close to doing for you, what you all have done for me and my mom. Keep up the great work!!! and at the risk of offending someone… God bless you all.

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