Antonietta 2007 USA

I am a single mother of three wonderful children and I was diagnosed with scleroderma in November 11, 2005, after several years of doctors testing me and trying to determine what was wrong with me. Finally I was sent to a rheumatologist here and through a biopsy and blood work it was determined that I had systemic scleroderma. My hands and feet would swell, my skin on my face,arms,chest and upper torso were like a manican. I had developed severe stomach pain and reflux that when they did the endoscopy they could not believe the side of blisters in my lower stomach. I struggled everyday to get out of bed to go to work because the pain in my joints and hands were so bad, I could not even make a fist. I have also developed secondary Reynaud’s and living in New York during the winter doesn’t help much but I do what I have to to keep warm. In February of 2006, I was admitted into the hospital for fainting (I had had these episodes before and no one new why). The scleroderma had affected my esophegus and stomach. In April it started to attack my iron stores so I became severely anemic with having 5 blood transfusions and a pic line put in so that I could get intravenious iron. This was how I spent the year 2006 in and out of hospitals I really thought I was going to die. Then my daughters new mother-in-law ran into a friend who had a brother who had scleroderma and had been on the AP therapy for 5 years and has been in remission for 3, so I figured what do I have to lose. After everthing that I had gone through it was worth a shot, later I would discover It was the best thing I ever did for myself. I went to Boston to see the doctor he went to and I was put on the AP therapy. I could not believe after the first 6 weeks the change in my skin. It has been four months now I am back to work full time and feel so full of Life again. Every chance I get I tell people about the therapy and how it really does work. My family was blessed with a miracle! I am getting married in September of this year and can now do the things I have been wanting to do. I know we have to keep spreding the word about AP therapy so we can help others like us.

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