Rheumatoid Arthritis

Kim 2002 USA

It started in 1990 with a-lot of stiffness and pain. I wasn\’t sure what to think and then came the Doctor visit that changed the way I live… In December of 1990 I was diagnosed with RA. I was given anti-inflamatory drugs and steriods which helped and for four years I did well, using methotrexate every so often to slow down the disease. But, in 1994 I became very ill with reacurrent kidney infections that would not go away, after five weeks of different antibotics that did not help I was hospitalized and another diagnoses came down the pike. Lupus. I went through a battery of tests and treatments, diet changes, weekly shots, more medications, twice a week doctor visits. The tirade seemed endless. It has been 11 years since the first diagnoses and 7 years since the second, I have suffered with fibromyalgia, pancreatits, high blood pressure, thyroid problems, kidney failure, heart problems, blood transfusions, etc. etc. It seems like a nightmare that I can\’t wake from. But I (with the help of God) have learned to live, not with it, but in spite of it. I\’m thankful for the lessons I have learned and grateful for the blessing of family and friends who have stood by me and supported me even when I was difficult. I want to know more about what I am up against and hope through web-sites such as this one I can become more familiar with those around me with like problems and some support systems that are in place where I can get help with the many avenues that this disease takes you down.

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