Rheumatoid Arthritis

Timothy 2002 USA

My wife suffered for almost two years with a very painful arthritis. Swelling in most joints, and constant pain. She was on prednisone, methatrexate, ibuprophen, tylenol, and had tried various other drugs. She started to get a bleeding ulcer from the nsaid drugs. None of these drugs ever helped much. She would wake up in the morning, and just cry because the pain was so bad. We saw a general physician, and a rheumatologist, and and infectious desease doctor. We also sent her to the Mayo clinic. All the various doctors had different ideas as to the cause, but most assumed it was rheumatoid arthritis. We read the road back,and just tried to put her on tetracycline. This helped only a little. Then we figured we needed to try to follow the whole regimen. We sent her to Fort Madison Iowa to a DR. Sinot. He put her on clindamycin Iv’s and then a oral dosage of Minocycline. Within 2 months she felt alot better. She is still getting much better. Still a little stiff, but 80 to 90% of the pain went away. She now is taking only minocycline, and no other drugs.Wow what a difference.

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