Rheumatoid Arthritis

Dina 2002

It all started when I was 9. I would have unidentified fevers, tiredness, and chills. After this I developed sinus allergies and sore throats. Then at 19, I got mono , that would not go away. I ended up in the hospital for aweek and in bed for monthes. After this,I was all ways tired, got skin allergies, more sinus alleries and more sore thoats. And if it had itis on the end I had that, too. Also I started having major intestine problems. Then I got pregnant . Was very sick ,Me and the baby almost died. Two years later had another baby, same thing ,They recomended I have no more. But after the second baby things got real bad real fast. For the next 7 yrs it was a steady thing. Depression , pain ,fatigue, IBD, bad hair, bad skin,skin pain and thickness , cystes,muscle spasms and weakness the list gets real long!!!. The Doctors would treat a symtom and send me to a Shink. they thought i was crazy and a hypocondriac. I found a docter one day . that asked me if I had had any testes for R.A. and it came back 10 times normal! she gave me this book and I started this treatment .When I started Social Secriurity Disablity they said I was 80% disabled . Now after this treatment ( 31/2 years ) I got a job for the first time in 12 years . Four years ago I would have been died by 40.Now I see my future and Iam only 36 … thank you.

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