Rheumatoid Arthritis

Kay 2015 USA

I was diagnosed with RA when I was 18 years old, in 1962, at which time they told me to take up to 12 aspirin a day. Just think, I have had RA for 53 years.

I was very fortunate in many ways during the early years of my RA in that I learned that powdered protein was “huge” in helping me to keep the pain down and feel better.

In the 1990s a friend came to me with the antibiotic therapy and it was the first thing that I ever considered actually doing. I have never been to a rheumatologist because I knew what they were prescribing and wanted no part of it, so I went to a GP and talked him into working with me, and after taking one capsule as soon as I got my prescription, I knew that I absolutely felt better the next morning, which was amazing. My feet didn’t bother me when I got up out of bed.

In 2001 my brother in VA told me of a Dr. who was “curing” rheumatoid so I made an appointment to see him. He was a podiatrist with a radio show and had “cured” his wife who at the age of 60 had been diagnosed with rheumatoid. He told me that he had to do extensive research and he found out about Dr Brown and his antibiotic therapy so he put his wife on antibiotics and took her off after a year. She went into a flair so he put her back on the antibiotics and then was able to take her off in 16 months with no problems. Amazing!

What I learned from him was how to take the minocycline, which was 100 mg in the morning and 100mg in the evening!

The book, the Road Back, is an amazing book and should encourage anyone with RA to take charge of their lives and get a doctor to work with them in using the antibiotic therapy. It absolutely works! I was very fortunate in getting Drs to work with me and to give me my prescription because there is simply no reason for them not to give it.

I cannot emphasize enough how amazing this antibiotic therapy is. There is no pain with it! Imagine all you take is an antibiotic and no pain pills!

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