Rheumatoid Arthritis

Char 2005 USA

I was diagnoised with RA at 50 – 5 years before it was really active. I had a little problem with my feet but no swelling. 3 years ago I had a biking accident and the next day my wrist and later my knee swelled. It took 3 months to get into see a rheumatologist here so I went to an internist and took a week of steroids and started to do research. (I wouldn’t do the steroids again as I think they were the cause of a stress fracture that plagued me for the next year) When I went to the rheumy he wanted to put me on Methotrexate but I had decided to try the Minocycline. He shot some cortisone in one of my knees and sent me home with a perscription for minocycline 100 mg twice a day. He didn’t say anything about yeast or dosage. 4 months later I decided I wasn’t much better even though I was some better but decided to go off. The next few months I gradually got worse and decided maybe I should try the Methotrexate. I made an appointment to shee the rheumy and while waiting I fasted and prayed for a better answer if there was one. That night while reading Arthritis Today magazine someone posted a message about the an AP web sight. I went there and after doing much reading I realized that I wanted to try the Minocycline again. I canceled my apointment and made one with a local Dr. that supports AP. He did 6 sessions of clindimycin – 2 a week for 3 weeks increasing the dosage every time. I didn’t feel like it helped me much. I then went on 100 mg. a day of Minocycline. I took 3 months of diflucin. I went on a sugar free diet to the point of not even eating fruit. In 6 months I was 80-90% better. For the next 2 years I was quite well. My biggest problem has been one joint flares that last 24 hours but are very painful. I have never talked to anyone who has this problem. I have eliminated Splenda from my diet and they seem better. I had one knee shot twice with cortisone and a wrist and a couple of fingers in this time. When the Ap kicked in I havent had to do it in 2 years. I biked 100 miles in 4 days in Canyonlands twice in the 2 years. I walk 3-4 miles in the summer and bike 13 two-three days a week when the weather is nice. I recently tried to go on Doryx as I have some darkening on the top of my lip but not bad. I have had some bruising problems. I had an alergic reaction to the Doryx as it made my jaw swell after 2 weeks. Now I am trying Minocin the brand. The Minocycline has worked fine for me but decided to try the brand. I had a terrible flare when I switched to the Doryx. I should have done it gradually I learned later. I still control my sugar intake greatly. I thak 8-10 fish oil caps with ginger every day along with a handful of other supplements. I read a book about panothenic acid and rheumatic ailments so I take several caps a day especially if I have a flare (probably 2000 mg). I was down to 100 mg. of Minocycline 5 days a week when I tried the Doryx but had to go on 200 mg. a day for a couple of weeks to get myself back on track. I am doing much better now and have gone back to 100mg. a day. I believe prayer will help you find the answers you need to feel as good as you can.

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