Rheumatoid Arthritis

Tish 2014 USA

I have now been on Minocin/Vibramycin therapy for almost 7 full years, and it is still working! There are ups and downs, RA flares will break through now and again primarily due to three types of causes: (1) Illness or injury that activates the immune system. (2) Bad reaction to a medication used to treat such illnesses, and (3) certain foods, when overdone, will cause RA flare breakthroughs.

My RA was the result of a yearlong bout with giardia, which my Dr. failed to correctly diagnose (sent me home with the standard “too much stress” diagnosis for the sudden onset of and continuation of a severe digestive issue). The result was a “Leaky gut”, leading to RA. Serendipity led me to the Roadback Foundation right after I was diagnosed, and before my rheumatologist had started me on some horrid poison as a treatment.

I have documented, and continue to document, my complete story in my blog. I welcome comments and feedback

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