Diane 2002 USA

My name is Diane and I live in Wisconsin. Most of my life I have struggled with infections. At age 12 I had rheumatic fever which later left me with constant pain throughout my body. That same year, I was injured at school when a boy pulled a chair out from under me. The pain became more intense and my disposition changed. I was a chronic complainer according to the family doctor. However later that year, he gave me a diagnosis of Fibrositis. This was back in 1966. The next several years were painful for me as I caught every virus that went around school and was suffering from chronic back pain and bronchitis. I missed a lot of school because of pain and illness. At age 22, I had lower back surgery. Apparently the damage that had been done to me at age 12 had caused other disc involvement, like a domino effect. Three disc\’s were operated on. I recovered faily well but noticed that I never felt well. My thinking was no longer clear and I felt drugged all of the time. After the back surgery, I started having more bronchitis, more bladder infections, more depression because of pain, weakness and then at age 28 I became exposed to large doses of herbacide. My husband had picked up a fellow for drunk driving and the guy came in the dark of night, and dumped atrizine over our lawn in mega doses. Each day, the lawn died out a little more and so did all of our shrubs and trees. We had to have a major clean-up done by digging out the ground and replacing it with new. About six months after the exposure to atrizine, I became allergic to nearly everything around me. I could not tolerate perfumes, gasoline, laundry soap, shampoo etc. I became a prisoner in my home. I also became more ill with neck and shoulder pain, headaches, weakness and major fatigue. I was down in bed most of the time. I found a support group for Universal Reactors and got help through them by using vitamins, minerals and herbs. Most important of all, I had to stay away from chemicals as my immune system had taken a major dive. I stayed home, increased my prayer life and focused on God like never before. I needed help that only He could give me. My husband and children were supportive, but not the rest of my family. Nobody understood what I was living with. Over time, I slowly improved, but my pain level did not. I seemed to be getting more and more arthritic. In 1995, a friend of mine in my phone support group, told me about The Road Back Foundation. I did research and found a Doctor, three hours away that I managed to get to that maybe would help me. He was offering chelation therapy and was involved in other alternative practices. I asked him if he would put me on the antibiotic therapy according to Dr. Brown. He was not familiar with it. I gave him information on it and after about a year, he agreed to help me. By this time, I could hardly walk, my left arm was ice cold and I could hardly move it. I had a burning pain all over and could not drive myself to the Doctor. I began my program on the Minocycline and the Clindomyacin I.V.\’s. I noticed an improvement in a month. There were times when I was so stiff that Doc had to inject my neck and shoulders with Novocain. It helped! The burning in my skin and the coldness in my left arm slowly left. I stayed on the I.V. program weekly for two years. I had improved to where I could drive myself. Also, my sensitivity to smells greatly improved! Praise God! I continued the minocycline for another year, then quit. Its now two years later. I had severe dental problems and an infected tooth pulled. I had a fast relapse back into severe pain and stiffness. I could not get up off of a chair without help. For several weeks, I was down in bed with the feeling of such weakness that I could expire soon. I\’m 46 and feeling like 96. The Oral Surgeon prescribed Amoxicillian but it didn\’t pull me out of the pain and stiffness that had set in. I had to go back to the Doctor, and restart the Arthritis treatment all over again. I have now been in treatment since October and I\’m about 30% better. I\’m struggling with stiffness and pain but I am encouraged with the improvement that I have received so far. Doctor has added Zithromax to my regimen and that has helped too. I have more dental work that needs to be done and am afraid to have it done as I can\’t afford the setbacks. At this point in my life, I will stay focused on the antibiotic therapy and continue to ask God to bless all of us with more improved methods and the Doctors to help us. If it wasn\’t for Dr. Brown\’s treatment and my Doctor agreeing to it, I would not be here to write this right now! I hope and pray that more Doctors will make themselves available to help, so that those of us like myself, don\’t have to drive three hours for treatment, and three hours back. Its expensive enough without the long road travel!

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