Ankylosing Spondylitis

Kathryne 2020 Canada

I always had a more fragile body when it came to aches and pains, but then one day, my whole life was turned upside down. The pain was…what I call, the human torture chamber. The pain was overwhelming and I kept questioning how will I continue? I came into contact with another person taking the antibiotic therapy and stated Minocin. That was not strong enough for me as I was very advanced and they gave me a year to live. My ribs would be fused and be on a machine if things did not change. I took Intravenous Clindamycin aggressively and I saw this was going to help me. At one year, I was well alive AND so well, I did a marathon. I finally felt what pain free days was like again. After 25 years, I am still alive and well. I work as an artist and do art therapy to help others, using also my medical background. I believe that antibiotics are the way to go, as nothing else helped. I have helped thousands over the years and they were successful in making their lives better too.

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