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    Johns Hopkins releases a new murine study demonstrating the value of employing triple antibiotic combination (daptomycin, doxycycline and cefoperazone) therapy for treating Lyme persisters that typically cause inflammation and joint swelling:

    Three-Antibiotic Cocktail Clears “Persister” Lyme Bacteria in Mouse Study

    “In this new study, Zhang and colleagues grew stationary-phase B. burgdorferi and isolated two distinct no-growth forms, called microcolony and planktonic forms. They confirmed that these forms are resistant to standard antibiotics such as doxycycline and even two-drug combinations used for treating Lyme disease. They also showed that these stationary-phase forms, compared to normal-growing spiral forms of B. burgdorferi, cause worse Lyme disease-like symptoms in mice—chiefly inflammation and joint-swelling.”


    Thanks for sharing Maz! Very sneaky little buggers!


    Thanks for sharing! I’m going to have to take some notes off this. Its exactly what I’ve been researching lately of combining antibiotics to be effective and I’m still exploring herbal

    If anyone is interested, I just bought the book ‘Insights into Lyme Disease Treatment’ that covers the philosophies and protocols of 13 Lymes doctors. Its fast reading and crammed full of interesting ideas!

    Originally +Ana May 2018 (now negative Jan 2019), scleroderma or uctd, Morphea (now mostly gone!), Myositis ( better now) Probable Lyme w/coinfections, had Bartonella marks that disappeared,
    Mild reflux, mostly gone,mild ild, skin hardening (continued softening and some parts normal again) Impaired liver function, now normal after 1 year and CK, LDH all normal again, 14 mo after starting ap.

    Minocin m-f 2x, antibiotic rotation, ldn 4.5, cellcept 3000, probiotics, Monolaurens, Olive leaf extract, fish

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