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    none of the “experts” in my area is on my insurance plan but another dr agreed to prescribe doxy 100 mg 2 X day for me. I have been taking it since Jan 10- 2 months now- and no noticeable improvement.  Do I hang in with it or give it up?:(

    Thanks in advance for any feedback

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    Hi Baltimore,

    AP is considered to be a longterm therapy. Most people don't experience results right away. I have RA and worsened quite a bit in the first few months, including blood markers rising to pretty scary levels. Started seeing some light about 6 or 7 months in, physically, but it's taken 2.5 years in total to get to the 95-98% mark. Progress for most people is slow and a lot depends on severity, how long you've had your rheumatic disease and what drugs you may have been on prior to starting AP.

    Have you read The New Arthritis Breakthrough or seen the Dr Brown movie (link at the top of the first page on the discussion board)? In the movie, Dr Brown shows a patient's bone scans over a period of several years and demonstrates, visibly, just how long it can take to reverse the joint inflammation.

    Was there a reason you chose doxy over minocycline or was that just what the physican was willing to prescribe? Minocycline has properties that earlier tetracyclines don't have, including better tissue permeability, although all the tetracyclines have some amount of anti-inflammatory and immune-modulatory properties, including their anti-bacterial properties.

    It's really up to the individual on whether they choose to stick it out or not, but if you've noticed any worsening, then this could just be the expected herxheimer reaction that Dr Brown describes. In textbook cases, he pretty described a worsening occuring in the first few months, though some people are fortunate and experience improvements quite soon after starting AP, especially if their disease is mild.

    There are some very good AP physicians out there who will case manage on an individual basis and design a protocol unique to each person, but sometimes we have to pay out of pocket and/or travel some distance to get to them. Really depends on whether, after reading the material available in the book and main site this is something you wish to pursue and wait out (and your lifestyle may dictate otherwise – young kids, work, etc).

    Wishing you all the best in your decision-making process! Two months in is still very early days, though. 😉

    Peace, Maz

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