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    I am doing quite well 8 months in and from reading some threads here I am nervous about switching brands willy nilly!! It is on backorder at my Target but easily found it at a Walgreens. They had a 5 month supply on hand but they too show a backorder from watson/actavis. Anyone have any insider info? Pharmacist said it could just mean a few days/weeks/months wait to get a new order from them OR it could also mean they are going out of business or won’t be supplying that drug anymore. I am so curious as to what the reason is. Does anyone know how I could contact them and find out? Should I try another brand if it comes to that? Or keep skipping my prescription all around town?

    Diagnosed with RA in October 2014, pain started in February 2014
    Started AP in June 2015
    Taking daily: 32.5 mg WP thyroid 6 am, 100 mg mino 9 am, 16.25 mg WP thyroid 2 pm, B Complex for MTHFR mutation 3 pm, Multivitamin 3pm, 100 bil powdered probiotics 6 pm, 5-8,000 iu Vit D 6 pm, 100 mg mino 9 pm


    Actavis customer service shows 862-261–7000

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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