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    Jeanies Girl

    It has been quite some time since I have been on the Forum, but I did want to add a post to encourage others. I tested positive for mycoplasm and started antibiotic treatment in June of 2015. I made small, steady improvements and then I felt I lost some ground in the spring of 2016. I asked my doctor if we could switch things up to see if it would make any difference. She changed my prescription from Minocycline MTW twice a day to Doxycycline twice a day every day. What a difference. I have had steady improvement since June when the change was made. My mycoplasm # was 4.09 in June of 2015 and I was recently tested again and the test came back at 2.85. The “road back” is definitely not downhill coasting, but I definitely feel it is in the right direction.

    DX: Bacterial (mycoplasm) infection
    AP: Began June 2015
    Clindomycin IV 900 mg-every 3 months for 5 days
    Minocycline 100 mg MWF am and pm
    Flagyl 500 mg 2 x day for 3 days in a row every month
    Symptoms: Since approximately 1997-Extreme fatigue, (Intermittent: muscle weakness, stiffness, brain fog, lack of stamina)
    Supplements: Vit. C 3000 mg, Vitamin D 5000 IU every other day and 10,000 on remaining days, Vitamin B complex, Fish Oil 1000 mg 2 x day


    Jeanie’s girl what wonderful news! I am so glad to hear you have seen slow but certain improvement. It is very encouraging to others when they hear real stories like yours so thank you for coming back to post your progress.

    Bonnie Lou
    RA 02/07,AP 10/07
    Minocycline 200mg MWF; Plaquenil 100mg 3 days/week
    Fish Oil, Ubiquinol, Turmeric, Vit C (2 grams) , MultiVit, Magnesium, Astaxanthin, D3 (5000), probiotics and a daily dose of yoga!

    Sarah Kadoo

    Hi everyone, its been a while I’m here, after so many years of trying everything, I spoke to my doctor about the tetracycline. So we decided to give it a try. I’m so happy to stumble on Road Back Foundation. I have been on it since July, so using it we thought was herx, which it was not. But I have to say HOORAY !!!! It felt so good when my doc run blood work and said yes we are seeing a change… I know in everything it takes time, and Im sticking to it. Making sure I do everything by the book, still having some pains, and swelling etc. But at least is getting better. Thanking everyone who helped me, Maz, PhilC and others. You all really give advice and try to help along and let me know what was in store. So far everything is ok, my doc said as soon as this virus and zika is over I should feel little better. In terms of the symptoms of it. My improvement is slow but getting there….

    SLE , CTD & RA
    Supplements: C and D, Evening Primrose, Flax Seed gel caps, Combo (Calcium, Magnesium, Zinc ) , Vitamins B's , Probiotics, Flotation , L- Arginine.

    Soon to update and add other supplements to work along (assist) with the Tetracycline 250 mg.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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