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    What can I say, I was diagnosed in Dec 07 and it’s now just a month shy of 4 yrs since my journey with AP began.

    In the beginning I knew absolutely nothing about my disease/s and even less about AP, but month after month with the help of all the people on this wonderful website I actually started to get it. I started to understand how AP worked and more importantly my role in my own journey, what I could do to help myself! I will never forget those (& yes you know who you are) who held my hand & guided me down this path, you are etched into my memory forever.

    I still remember the intensity of the pain when I flared, up night after night pacing the floor, then when it passed wondering when it would happen again. My disease is not bilateral, it travels and sometimes swelling is involved. One minute it was the back of my hand sometimes swollen so badly it looked like it would burst, then 20 min later my hand was perfectly normal & it had travelled to attack my thigh or my arm or back or triscep or biscep and so it went on. I must admit I hated this rotten disease with every ounce of my being. The unpredictable timing of the flares, the excruciating unrelenting agony, the disease decided where to attack, how long it would last & how frequently it would happen, I had no control over it whatsoever and in what can only be described as a very short time had taken so much of what I knew was my life.

    Yes I still, around every 10 to 12 mths, have a mini flare that lasts perhaps 3-4 hrs, but nowhere near the intense pain it used to be.

    I am still on AP, still taking my abx. My goal was to be in remission within 3-5 yrs, yes I still want that, but I think of that goal as a perfect situation; if it comes to pass terrific, if not too bad. I now realise, just like a diabetic with their insulin, if I have to be on abx for the rest of my life to feel this good again I don’t mind. For most of the year I am asymptomatic. Now I am looking forward to the rest of my life and I can tell you it’s looking very good.

    Thank you to everyone here,
    Thank you to the inventor of abx,
    Thank you to the doctor & naturopath who look after me,
    Thank you to whomever gave me the courage to say no to the specialists & their conventional medications.

    There is no doubt, that for me, I chose the right path.

    Dec07: Diagnosed PRA, (CTD; Fibromyalgia; suspected Lyme):
    Mar08: Diet to heal gut/bolster immune system (no gluten, dairy, sulphites or sugar)

    Jan 2018: ABX Mon/Wed/Fri (started AP 2008)
    1/2 x 150mg Roxithromycin(Biasig), 1/2 x 150mg Clarithromycin (Klacid),
    1/2 x Fungillin, 1 x 250mg Cephalexin (Keflex)

    All off days Probiotics

Viewing 31 post (of 31 total)

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