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    I was diagnosed with RA in 2008 after giving birth to my child. Luckily, my search led to to the Roadback Foundation and I was able to consult with Dr. T in Boston and obtain Minocycline. I took a generic version that I believe to be Dr. Reddy’s (based on image references found online) between 2010 and 2014 and responded pretty well. For some reason in late 2014, I got interested in trying out a vegetarian keto diet and got further relief from pain and was foolish enough to stop Mino and symptoms started returning slowly after a few months . Later in 2015, I tried to go back on Mino but wasn’t very good at taking it consistently and unfortunately wasn’t able to obtain the same benefit I saw in the beginning. After some time, my pharmacy switched the brands on me that I believe didn’t work well for me, but it may have been the fact that I wasn’t taking it consistently. Since I didn’t see any benefits as such, I stopped filling my prescription and continued with my 10 tablets of Methotrexate roughly every 10-15 days and 3 mg of Prednisone daily.

    I was relatively functional for the most part but since the last year, I have been flaring often and my quality of life has gone down. My doctor has suggested Biologics but I don’t want to go there and would like to try Minocycline again to see if it’ll work for me like it did the first time around.

    I was wondering if anyone’s been in a similar situation and what their experience has been like. Also, I have searched through the general discussion board to see that the users here have generally obtained good results with Torrent or Zydus Mino lately. As mentioned above, I used to take Dr. Reddy’s tablets I think, which my pharmacy is not able to procure anymore. I was wondering if anyone has taken this formulation and if so, where they’re able to obtain it in the US.

    Can anyone please share any guidance or thoughts they might have?

    Thanks so much,


    Generic capsules don’t work for me. Tablets work very well for me. I buy my directly from India from http://www.alldaychemist.com
    The price is reasonable and delivery is less than 3 weeks. I think the tablets metabolize more slowly than powder filled capsules.

    Psoriatic Arthritis: 100mg Minoz Minocycline TABLET daily; twice daily 400mg Pentoxifylline;125mcg Levotyroxine: Have been using some level of Minocycline since 2008


    Thank you for sharing, Vinny!I looked up the website and they have both Minocyline Hydrochloride tablets and capsules available and price seems reasonable as well. I will consider ordering the tablets from here.
    I was originally given Mino capsules by another doctor but they didn’t work for me. On the other hand, I responded well to tablets. Have you used any other tablets that’re available locally that you liked?



    In 2014 I was using Ranbaxy tablets supplied by my Humana medicare. In 2016 Humana switched to Torrent capsules which did not work for me. They turned down my appeal to get the tablets again. I have been using the Minoz tablets since

    Psoriatic Arthritis: 100mg Minoz Minocycline TABLET daily; twice daily 400mg Pentoxifylline;125mcg Levotyroxine: Have been using some level of Minocycline since 2008


    My second go at it,too.

    Diagnosed with RA in 2012
    Fifth Disease in '03
    Lyme? in 2000?
    Had radioactive ablation of hyperactive thyroid in 1997
    autoimmune thrombocytopenia resolved
    Anemia resolved with treatment of RA with Minocycline
    Blood type: B neg

    Minocycline 50mg every other day
    Levothyroxine 1.17mcg
    Liothyronine 5mg
    Irie Hemp pain balm daily
    Senekot at night on days of antibiotic
    Folic acid


    Thank you, Vinny! I’m not familiar with Ranbaxy tablets but will look them up.

    Thanks for sharing, Niteowl! How’s round two going for you? Which brand are you taking? How are you responding to it?

    I appreciate you both taking the time to reply!



    Hello Nightowl:
    I hope you are well. I’m curious why you chose to take 50 mg of mino instead of 100mg like most folks. I recently started back on mino. I have Lyme and co-infections and aggressive RA for 20 years. I do well with flagyl and doxy; I like mino but in the past if I take too high of dose my sed rate increases and I have signs of Lupus. I like doxy but it never offered remission. Recently I restarted mino and I am taking 50 mg m-w-f. Is there a reason you take 50mg Minocin and not 100mg? Its encouraging to hear anemia resolved. Have your RA symptoms resolved with the mino? I am also very anemic.
    mino 50mg mwf
    300mg clindamycin tues and fri IM
    rife machine : arthritis and lyme
    infared sauna daily
    pulse flagyl 5-7 days week 1 week per month
    best attempt eating paleo

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