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    Hi April,

    Unfortunately, there isn’t a complete list of necessary blood tests to test for various microbes, because these will be unique to each person and assessed by the treating doctor. There is a list of pathogenic (to humans) mycoplasmas in Appendix A of the Pulsed Protocol packet if you want to take a look:

    Pulsed Protocol Appendix A

    So my best fellow patient suggestion would be to get fully prepared prior to talking with your AP doc, listing your past history of infectious potentials that are correlated with your rheumatic disease type. E.g., past infections with strep, staph, UTIs, pneumonia (chlamydia pneumonia’s or mycoplasma pneumoniae), tick bites, viruses (like EBV, parvovirus B19), etc. Do you have pets or exposed to farm animals from which you may have got things like bartonella or toxoplasmosis?). These are tricky, stealthlike bugs, many of which are intracellular abx are difficult to culture in tests (see Henry Scammell book. In dimes cases, even an IgG (past infection) result can be significant.

    Yes, treatments can and do vary depending on the bugs being treated. This is why some people will choose to see an experienced Lyme Literate MD who will assess pathogen load and treat accordingly. Untreated infections can keep people sick and different bugs require specific classes of antibiotics. E.g., penicillins are bacteriocidal and treat cell-walled organisms whereas tetracyclines treat cell-wall deficient, intracellular organisms.

    Lynne G.SD

    Hi kids;
    BOY! do I have info to pass on including pics.Those that don’t have SD are probably not aware that we lose just about all the fat under our skin so that it ends up looking at crepe paper and those that don’t have this nasty disease will likely have pre mature skin thinning.
    Naturally it took a vet to point this out.Cat with eye problems that did not respond to anything so we took a look at mico.Felis and low and behold some articles mentioned that most micos survive and grow by using our fat and lipids.I can take quite a few years to show but this happened while in complete remission and on AP so I am pretty sure that although we seem just fine there are still things going on
    I have to sort through loads of info to find an English equivalent to what’s in our French texts.Very,very busy for the next few weeks but I will do my best to sort it out,
    MAZ I will send it to you first to proof read as I often have a different interpretation and lots of spelling mistakes

Viewing 2 posts - 16 through 17 (of 17 total)

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