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    Davit, I can hear the frustration in your words and I think you're right in that we are in the same place. I'm sad that you can't garden anymore, we lose such precious things to this disease. I've tried gardening a few times when I was healthier, with moderate success, but I gained a new respect for those who have a gift for gardening, they make our world more beautiful and that is very important IMO. I wish I had never learned how much better home grown tomatoes taste compared to store bought! That you can no longer do this is a loss for everyone around you, I'm sure. And I'm sorry that you're hurting more today. Sounds like we're both having a bad day. grr.

    I too wonder what good it will do me if I ever go into another remission, I have no idea how to step back into life. Because of the fickleness of AI diseases, I don't dare try to go back to school; I could end up with another flare before I can finish and then I'll be stuck right back where I am now. And I need to work and start making money; it's just too late and too risky to do the school thing. I dumped a lot on you when what I'm really angry at is this stupid disease and the losses it brings, and there's a little bit of the whole thing with my father sneaking in there I'm sure. I'm sending you a big bear hug across the interwebs.:shock: Hope you feel better tomorrow.

    I read a funny quote last week which applies very well to me today. “Women are angels. When someone or something breaks our wings, we continue to fly…on broomsticks.”

    cleaning up my mess, linda

    Cheryl F

    [user=11]linda[/user] wrote:

    My apologies, Cheryl, I mispoke when I said delete. I hope it didn't create more problems. I think I've already done enough damage today!


    No reason what so ever to apoligize!  I just wanted to make sure that others did not think that the moderators deleted Susan's post.   I don't think you created any problems. 



    Wow.. I just read the whole thread and experienced quite a variety of emotions. Life, I guess, is kinda like that.

    First, I have been a moderator on a very large forum and understand the position that moderators are in and I sincerely appreciate the efforts of the moderators here on the RBFBB. They are top notch.

    Secondly, I respect the decisions of folks and if Susan has decided to leave, it must be the best for her now. I also will state that should she decide to return, I am sure that I will be right up there with most of you to hug her and welcome her back. She is a very giving, warm and knowledgeable person.

    Third and finally, the diseases that bind us, also gives us an edge at times. We have tough days and tough times. Just the way it is…



    Cheryl F wrote (on newest research thread)

    [/color]Susan – you are such a generous, knowledgeable and valued part of this global village, I truly hope that you will stay. Lynnie   

    Be well! Lynnie

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    You know you have had it bad when you can't remember what it used to be like not to be this way. Imagine how I feel. For years every vegetable I ate in a year came out of my garden. I won't give up. I will still Garden a bit and I'll die face down in my greenhouse before I will give up cantaloupe. Vine ripe is to die for. I have other skills I can trade for help in my Garden. One of the things I trade is computer assisted blue prints. Another is organic wine. You want it you work. Where there is a will there is a way.

    Isn't it our motto Don't give up.



    I can imagine how you feel, I feel the same way about math. Most people don't get how beautiful it is, and I just love the see the light bulb go off in a students eyes when they finally grasp a concept. I still study on my own and I'd love to work in a math lab, but they typically do not give more than 19 hrs/week so that they don't have to offer benefits. If all I needed was a bachelors I'd give it a try, but all colleges are requiring master's now. One can get a few classes as an adjunct but only for a few semesters and by then one is expected to have earned their masters. Also adjunct does not pay well and usually there are no benefits. I may try individual tutoring, I've done that before but it is not something that I enjoy. I live vicariously thru my youngest son, who is a math major at UT. He tells me about the things he is studying but he surpassed me long ago. I nod and agree and try to ask intelligent questions, but we both know the deal. He's a sweet kid for sure.

    I hope you can always work in your garden, and yes, home grown, vine ripe is the bomb. My father owns 35 acres in Missouri and has many different types of grapes that he grows and then makes his own wines. There is something about working the earth that is so satisfying, and I'm just an amateur. Whether it's a career, a marriage, independence or just a beloved hobby, these diseases are heartless in the way that they take these things away from us. I wonder if there are any specialized type of tools or chairs for those with arthritis to help with gardening. If not, maybe that's something you could work on and invent?

    Well, as usual I've gone all the way around the block just to go next door, Mostly I just wanted to let you know that you're not alone and to keep on working the AP, it's been nothing short of miraculous for many, it just takes time. I have a response to your CFS post but I'll post it on that thread as it contains a link.


    John H,

    I am on the RBF daily because I know all the good that has come out of their effort. I went from being a very active person to being barely able to drive or sleep in 2 months back in Dec 2007. Thanks to the things I have learned on RBF and other websites, I am back to playing golf again and not limited by physical pain. I believe that this website does need limits and the moderator/volunteers do a fantastic job. The only reason people should leave this website is that it has not helped them or they are more disruptive then helpful. If someone believes God can heal them, then they need to spend more time in church and not disrupt or discredit this beautiful website that has helped me and so many others.


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    [user=76]john h[/user] wrote:

    Someone please help me to understand this. I saw a goodbye post here yesterday early, and now it is gone, so I can't go back and read it again.

    Please help me to understand the difference between what happened to cause this individual to leave, and, say, for example,  an entire thread about “giving up things for Lent”?  


    If you go to the very beginning of this thread, the board does a very good job of explaining what happened.


    Lyme/RA; AP 4/2008 off and on to 3/2010; past use of quinolones may be the cause of my current problems, (including wheelchair use); all supplements (which can aggravate the condition) were discontinued on 10/14/2012. Am now treating for the homozygous MTHFR 1298 mutation. Off of all pain meds since Spring '14 (was on them for years--doctor is amazed--me too). Back on pain med 1/2017. Reinfected? Frozen shoulder?



    This is getting out of hand. There is more than one way to deal with Arthritis and some of them go together very well. Restricting a persons views unnecessarily reeks of censorship for ones own point of view. This is the land of the free can we please just keep it that way and quit walking on each others toes. Besides I am in remission I can leave if I want to.


    Susan LymeRA

    I am sorry the first thread was accidently deleted by the moderators as I explained my decision very well.  I will try to duplicate it now.

    Recently I was repremanded by a moderator for mentioning God in one of my posts.  I was stunned at this muzzle.  I waited several weeks to be sure I would not react in anger.  It is my belief that God is the Great Physician and Healer.  He was certainly instrumental in my healing process and there is no way I can share my healing story without giving some credit to God.

    I have loved all the people at this website.  It is very informative and useful and I have referred many people here and will continue to do so.  However, I cannot simply “check” God at the door and leave him out of my testimony.

    Just like Spacehoppa, I would never be offended by anyone else crediting Budda, Allah, Mother Nature, anyone else or nothing else.  I am perfectly capable of living peaceably among people of all walks of life.  Perhaps what should get checked at the door, especially a door entering into a world of sick and healing, should be political correctness.  In appeasing one offended member, another member became offended.

    I will miss everyone here.  I am humbled beyond anything I can express at the kind words you all have spoken to me.  No longer being a part of the RB community will be a loss to me much more than my absence will be to any of you; but I can't shake the feeling I have been asked to choose sides between God and this community.  I can only make one choice in the matter.

    Best wishes to all of you in your healing journey.




    You are too valuable to the RBF community to lose. :crying:

    So, I'm putting it out there that I will be harrassing you until you reconsider.  I also have friends that will help me harrass you and you really don't want that now do you?????? 😉

    Please don't go!



    Dear Susan,

    I hope these lines fine you being blessed with heavenly joys. Even though I have never chit chatted with you directly, you have been an inspiration to me.

    I understand how you feel, I have been threw soo much pain and suffering if it wasn't for the mighty one I would of been 6 feet south a few years back. I know I was in his hands.

    Big Huge Hugs, Roz




    If you must then Good Bye and go in piece.


    Good Bye RBF.


    I am going to help Susan out and post exactly what she said. I had her post open in my web browser, and when I realized it had been deleted I saved a copy of the page on my computer's hard drive. Sorry for not jumping into this discussion sooner.

    Here is her message from Friday that was accidentally deleted:

    [user=86]Susan Lyme/RA[/user] wrote:

    Recently I was reprimanded by one of the moderators for mentioning my faith as part of my healing process.  I am stunned by this as it is my firm belief that God is the Great Physician and very instrumental in my healing process.  I am stunned and hurt by this muzzle placed upon me.

    If my faith offends you, then I offend you and I have no place here.

    I am sad to leave.


    I've attached a copy of the saved page to this message. I made a few minor edits to the HTML code so images would display properly and the formatting would be preserved. The page would have looked rather ugly otherwise.


    [Edited to correct spelling.]

    "Unthinking respect for authority is the greatest enemy of truth."
    - Albert Einstein


    You stamp IN GOD WE TRUST on your money but it seems you don't believe it.


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