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    I’m thinking of seeing Dr. K in Lufkin and would appreciate so much hearing input from anyone who has seen her. I’d like to know how the visit went for you, was she insightful, were you glad you made the trip? What about follow-ups? Is she able to discern whether or not antibiotics are the best choice at the moment, and if not make recommendations as to what you should do first – were you able of follow through with her recommendations for diet, supplements, etc? Thanks!


    Hi Lyndsay,

    I’ve been seeing Dr K for diffuse scleroderma since Jan. 2011. She’s very experienced with rheumatic diseases and I’ve done very well under her care. In fact, I hate to think of where I’d be today without her expertise and guidance. She’s been GREAT!! My first visit with her was about an hour and a half and I follow-up every 3 months. Yes, for me she is worth the drive.

    I was started on antibiotics from the first visit and have been on them continuously. Antibiotics and serious diet changes have made a huge difference in my recovery. She wants her patients off gluten and dairy. I’ve had no problem taking antibiotics and supplements….the elimination of gluten is what has been the hardest for me. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve gone on a gluten binge….lol. Haven’t cheated in quite a while now and my joints feel pretty close to normal.

    Dr K also does IV antibiotics if needed but does not bill insurance for them. She does my bio identical hormones as well.

    Im happy to answer any other questions you may have so feel free to PM me if you want.



    I saw Dr. K when I first got sick. She was very knowledgeable in treating my SD. I was having a problem with my thyroid being hypo but not in the range for her to prescribe thyroid medicine. She recommended I take an iodine supplement which got my thyroid back to normal. I was driving 5 hours to see her and after she no longer took Medicare, I stopped seeing her. She is a great doctor and I would highly recommend her. I am now in almost total remission so my primary care doctor is the only doctor I have to see.


    @June3443 wrote:

    I am now in almost total remission so my primary care doctor is the only doctor I have to see.

    June, this absolutely wonderful news! So happy to hear this and you must be over the moon! 😀 What would you say are the last remaining vestiges of your scleroderma?

    When you feel ready, would love to see your recovery story in the collection of testimonials on the main site.

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