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    They want to put a pick line, is that what it is called? Is it painful? Can you give me any info regarding this treatment.
    Did it work? After it was done, then what? Back on oral meds. My signature says I am on Mino and Levaquin.
    Levaquin for Bart is long done. Doc yesterday changed my regimen to Biaxin and Plaquenil. He says if this works in 2 weeks to call and we will cancel IV. That’s kind of funny, I usually herx in 2 weeks so this should be interesting. Anyone have luck with that regimen? Of course, I am still fighting yeast and he changed that to:
    ketozole (spelling) so I take all of them yesterday in am, no food, I threw up and had diarrhea. This morning did the same thing but nothing, just strong nausea so I forced a yogurt with VSL#3 DS in it.
    Also, joint pain throughout night and morning is worse on this regimen and it’s only been 2 days. I have had so many herxes with these antifungals, first nystatin, that gave me a good one, then diflucan, now am I going to get another with this new one.
    I suppose I won’t know due to the fact that the change was done all on the same day so I am going to herx no matter what, I hate those things.
    I see Dr. B in NY: I just realized he doesn’t get my messsages, I think his nurse just wings it. I sent him a fax 2 weeks ago explaining the yeast problem, that I don’t go out, go from bed to couch, in more pain and a lot of muscle twitching, anyone know why that is? I hate those twitches. It also had a list of my symptoms, I brought it with me yesterday, good thing, he read it right in front of me and took his notes. I was a little rude in the email, I told him he should of put me on a preventative drug for yeast. That kicked my butt for months and I am still fighting it, it is in my bladder, my throat (hoarseness) intestines, and sinuses, also, crying jags. Sorry this is so long…..I’m done, I just want some feedback on these issues which I already said, my brain doesn’t work. Thanks for listening
    When do you know when it is neuro Lyme: that’s what I think I have????????.
    Thanks in advance for any info regarding this.


    Hi, Kerry…I have been on IV rocephin. I also have had pic lines several times. The pic line is not very painful…similar to when you have blood drawn. They enter the vein and then thread a small catheter up the vein to about the shoulder area. I did not feel it at all once it was put in. Keeping it clean and following directions they give is important. The longest I kept a line in was 9 weeks.

    I do believe the rocephin was very helpful for the Lyme. I began to feel much better soon after starting it.The IV treatment gives your gut a break, one of the positives.

    You are struggling so much right now and I feel your frustration over this. Don’t give up! This process is long and uncomfortable, but I do believe you will find your way through it. I always kept these 2 words in my mind: Patience and Persistance. It has paid off and my life now is much better than when Lyme had such a hold on me.

    I hope you start feeling better soon.


    Hi Kerry,

    I hear your uncertainty. We’ve all be there. As for the picc line, it’s no biggy. I had many. If, “IF” you are going to be on I.V. for any length of time discuss w/your dr. the possibility of having a port. This will help save the veins in your arms and will make your life MUCH easier. I was not on rocephin for LD. I IV’d claforan. At the end of three months, I was walking around shopping, etc. Keep your chin up. You’re at the right place here with the rest of the Lymies. We’ll help you through it. This is a great forum and we are blessed with many knowledgeable volunteers, so listen up! Try not to worry yourself — it’ll only make it worse; however, I hear your anxiety. Just surrender to the process. Deep breath and let go. Think good thoughts and let go and come here for your support.


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