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    Well my ten cents worth in all this. My Mother had Palindromic RA (now full blown RA) and so do I. Most supsect these days (and I mean conventional medicine) that it may be contracted by the baby in the birth canal. Lynnie

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    Be well! Lynnie

    Palindromic RA 30 yrs (Chronic Lyme?)
    Mino 2003-2008 100mg MWF - can no longer tolerate any tetracyclines
    rotating abx protocol now. From Sep 2018 MWF - a.m. Augmentin Duo 440mg + 150mg Biaxsig (roxithromycin). p.m. Cefaclor (375mg) + Klacid 125mg + LDN 3mg + Annual Clindy IV's
    Diet: no gluten, dairy, sulphites, low salicylates
    Supps: 600mg N-AC BID, 1000mg Vit C, P5P 40mg, zinc picolinate 60mg, Lithium orotate 20mg, Magnesium Oil, Bio-identical hormones (DHEA + Prog + Estrog)


    I really can't handle this discussion.  The thought of passing this onto my kids kills me.


    Hi Lynn,

    OMG…your family has a lot going on.  At least your siblings believe you!  Mine still do not.  After 25 years of being chronically ill, I have decided to pull the plug on my relationship with them.  I can't take it anymore.  Well people do not understand nor do they want to.  Sisters can be the worst!  Its like beating me when I'm already down.   My life has been a huge struggle with Environmental Illness being the biggest hurdle.  

    Is your family on AP or just you?


    A Friend

    Casey & Lori,

    About transmission of germs, among many other things I've been learning about my own body's capabilities, I've learned that I have low HCL (I've read most Blood Type A's have low HCl), and that the presence of adequate/healthy levels of HCL (also written with a little L… HCl) actually can address incoming bacteria, viruses, germs, etc.  Now learning I've had low HCl for years, no doubt this has added to my problems. 

     Along with zapping these germs through the mouth and eating, adequate levels of HCl also break down the food we consume and allow its nutrients to more completely be absorbed to nourish our bodies.  Conversely, I've learned, if we have inadequate HCl for breaking down the foods we eat, instead of just the nutrients not being released as well as they could be, small particles can be released and can get through the membrane lining of our gastro system and into the bloodstream (where they are not supposed to go), and these  particles will be recognized as “foreign” and cause a response to our immune system, along with inflammation. 

    In a prolonged condition such as they above, when we eat certain foods, we can also have a reaction similar to those who are drunk on alcohol.   There is much more to this particular type of reading on HCl …  and the development of fungus in our bodies.   

    By the way, not all people are aware they have a yeast or fungal condition, as they do not have the “typical female signs” or male signs.  But if anyone has fungus on their nails, or other known symptoms/signs on the skin, if  they have a diagnosis of a rheumatic illness, it is important to figure this out, especially if on abx.  Addressing this with just probiotics will not be enough, but has been written that an anti-fungal as well as ongoing probiotics are necessary.  Sometimes, before we become aware of the condition, it can have become systemic and burrowed deep into the tissues looking for a supply of biotin.    




    AF, i posted a response to the above post on the magnesium defiency posts.



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    Twenty rubles (sp?) off your pay! 


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