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About Me Used to garden 10-12 hours at a time. Have lots of American dog ticks in our shady yard and are close to the woods. Diagnosed with RA in 2012 after being unable to walk without pain in feet for over a year. Diagnosed by podiatrist in 2012. Started Marshall protocol Minocycline 100 mg twice a day every day for a month before hitting a "wall"- Herx - Then as per reccomendation from forum here, stopped mino for a couple of weeks then resumed at 100 mg every other day. This worked great until I came into contact with poison ivy and was put on steroids. I couldn't stop the steroids without having a flare or herx! I have a new Roadback friendly Physician who has adjusted my diet, gotten me off steroids, and am gradually increasing mino after having restarted at 10 mg of Watson brand mino, now up to 30 mg a year later! Meds: Minocycline 50mg twice a week Levothyroxine .88mg Liothyronine 5mg Hemp balm Flexaril as needed
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