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    Hi As you may or may not know I overcame bad contractures in both hands —It took a long while -I figured out on my own- certain facts and applied them –Here is my approach —FIRSTLY –this is for scleroderma folks not RA folks –reason is that folks with RA generally have joint damage causing the contractures –In scleroderma the contractures are caused by one of two things –Collagen overgrowing and stiffening the tendons and /or the skin on hands and fin gers tightening preventing use of fingers —While the minocycline will over time treat the scleroderma -therefore loosening skin and softening tendons –WE MUST HELP THE PROCESS –its not magic – just some basic approaches –1–flex your fingers as best as possible constantly —2- a few times a day manually attempt to straighten fingers as best as possible Remember-if it produces pain STOP =- 3 parraffin baths for hands can and do help -4 -Therapy putty will help to strengthen fingers –squeeze it a few times a day in sets of ten -Very important to attempt to regain strength in fingers -Remember –patience- its a long haul but it can be successful –Wish I had a before and after picture -you wouldnt believe how my fingers could possible straighten out !!!!!!!!!!!!!


    Hi Richie,

    Thank you for the post , good to know and will try this.

    Minocycline HCL 200 mg daily
    Imuran 100 mg daily
    Adalat XL 20 mg daily
    Prevacid 30 mg
    Pilocarpine 5 mg
    Probiotic, multi vit, vit c, omega 3, d3, b12

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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