grapefruit seed extract

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grapefruit seed extract

Postby hopefulmama » Wed Mar 30, 2011 8:28 pm

Does anyone here take grapefruit seed extract?

I checked with my LLMD to make sure that she hadn't meant for me to take grape seed extract. She said no, she wanted grapefruit seed extract with the doxycycline.

(When I took it it made my hands swell terribly again and I've had really bad reflux for the first time in months. Not tempted to continue...)

I've read there is a lot of controversy around this, with the thought that the preservatives are actually what gives it potency and the actual grapefruit seed is not bactericidal.

Dr. B (famous herbalist) says he does not think grapefruit seed extract would help prevent lyme cysts anywhere but in the GI tract. Anyway, wondering if anyone on the board has insight about grapefruit seed extract. I think a lot of LLMDs use it?

Thanks so much. Sorry for the flurry of questions these days. I'm always a little at sea when my protocol changes, which it just did last week - a lot! :-)
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Re: grapefruit seed extract

Postby Krys » Wed Mar 30, 2011 9:30 pm

Hi Andrea,
I'm sorry you are having such a strong reaction to GSE and that all the conflicting info you have found (and there is quite a bit of it!!!) has caused you to mistrust GSE and its efficacy.
I cannot prove or disprove anything said on the web. My herbal books speak very highly about it and I trust them.
I asked my LLMD about it at the very beginning of my treatment and he said to wait until the load of bugs was more under control. And then he said something interesting: (it all refers to liquid GSE, and I have no idea how 1 drop translates into milligrams in a tablet form): that the usual dosage as it appears on the bottle says 5 - 15 drops a day ?twice? (I'm not sure if I remember that one correctly) a day. And he said that he himself always makes sure his patients start at 5 drops a day just during the weekend, because the herxing gets so bad, that they may not be capable of getting out of bed!!!
I was to start taking it much later than I actually did, but I developed systemic yeast infection and had a choice of a pharmaceutical or GSE. I chose GSE. And was told to take 3 drops a day. I was doing a week long antibiotic washout at that time and my LLMD forbade me to take it without antibiotics, saying that GSE bursts the cyst forms (and biofilms, too!) of Lyme & Co and therefore should only be taken when one takes an antibiotic. I was fine on 3 drops but I was missing the herxing (everybody was talking about having a herx and mine was already all gone!) so I upped the dosage to 5 drops. And the next day I took 5 drops twice a day, and oh boy, did I start the herx!!! All joints, even the ones not affected previously, hurt a lot, all fingers and some joints swell up, and even straight bones hurt all over.
So I'm thinking that maybe your dosage is too big? Maybe my LLMD's remarks stressing very slow and low approach would be better for you? And if the die off and cyst bursting activity is so much more pronounced, it sure means that the detox has to be that much more intense, too. The neurotoxins produced by borrelia and friends tend to be reabsorbed with bile in the intestinal tract and circulate within body causing all kinds of inflammatory reactions. I was being strongly affected by that and started taking Cholestyramine to help get rid of the toxins. There are lots of ways to detoxify, but for me Cholestyramine works the strongest. I still use all kinds of other methods (daily Apple Pectin, Chlorella, Detox Complex, occasional H2O2 /Epsom Salts baths, lemon, etc.). And I really need to buy FIR sauna! I switched to taking antibiotics just 4 x a week and focusing exclusively on detox 3 days a week. I feel much better with this change. But then, my antibiotics are quite big dosages.
I hope you receive a lot of input and feel better about taking it, or make your informed decision and stay happy with whatever you decide.
Prayers sent to you. Warm wishes, Krys
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Re: grapefruit seed extract

Postby Eva Holloway » Thu Mar 31, 2011 10:40 am

Andrea and Krys,
I was told to take 3 drops for a month every evening and then go up by one drop each month until I get to 15 drops and stay there for at least 6 months before I start taking it twice a day and then stat with 3 drops for the second helping and go up slowly, After two years I stopped and I will go back again in another year. I never finished the second helping, but I worked slowly and it seemed to help and I never had a herx.
Andrea, maybe if you go down to 3 drops and then go up slowly it may help.
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