Sharon 2018 USA

Systemic diffuse scleroderma with RNA polymerase III antibody

My symptoms began in Sept. 2014 with fatigue and high heart rate of 140 bpm per a holotor monitor. Other symptoms followed: hair loss, swelling in arms, legs and face, tight skin on arms, legs, chest and face, teeth separating, raynauds, gerds, joint pain, hand tenderness, ulcerated fingers and many others. Diagnosed in Jan. 2015 with diffuse scleroderma dn RNA polymerase III antibody.

I started antibiotic therapy in June 2015 with the help of Cheryl Ferguson. I am forever grateful to her. I had one herxing reaction in July/August 2015 in the form of hives that were awful. I itched and scratched until my legs bled. I went on a pulsed dosage of minocycline of 100mg M-W-F until the hives were gone. Then back to my regular dosage of two 100mg capsules each day. Before the minocycline prescription my AP doctor had me do IV’s of clindamyacin 900mg twice a day Mon thru Friday. Then I started the minocycline.

7 months after starting minocycline, I started to feel a sense of well being and slowly my symptoms subsided. I am now free of all symptoms and have my energy back. I am living a good quality of life. I do annual PFT’s and ECHO’s per my rheumatologist and avoid all steroids. I take 2 probiotic capsules a day (right now I’m using Dr. Mercola’s Complete Probiotic that I buy on amazon).

I am so happy to post this AP story for anyone who needs to read it. God bless you Cheryl and Road Back.

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