Sharon 2016 USA

Minocycline works! My symptoms started in September 2014. I was diagnosed in January 2015 with systemic diffuse scleroderma. Heart was racing at 140 bpm. Rash on face. Swollen face, hands, fingers, legs, ankles and feet. Chills and low grade fever. Hair started falling out but my hair stylist gave Surface shampoo therapy treatment that is infused with peppermint and that has completely reversed. Keratosis growths popped out on my back and chest and I had about 12 removed. Sore ankle, toe, wrist, finger, elbow and shoulder joints. An overall feeling of despair and fatigue. Started with clyndamiacin treatments 900mg two a day for five days then sent home with a prescription for 100 mg minocycline two times a day every day and that was all in June 2015. In Aug, 2015, developed hives from head to toe. They lasted about a month and a half. During that time Dr. S cut my dose to two times a day 100 mg mino on Mon-Wed-Fri. The brand I was on was Imunobrind but I was actively trying to get Teva or Watson. Finally found Watson brand at cvs pharm in Dec. 2015. Before the end of Dec. 2015, I felt a feeling of well being and better health. My original symptoms all faded away except for raynauds and stiffnes in hands. My fingers are not curled except for my pinkies a little. My activity picked up but I am not at the point I was in the beginning. I can walk 3 miles or workout on treadmill or bicycle for 30 minutes or so. I still feel slightly fatigued at times But, I feel so much better now and have hope for my future life. It is really amazing. 7 months into my A/P protocol and I feel awesome. I only wish this would have been brought to my attention about 20 years ago when my mother was diagnosed with scleroderma. It would be so wonderful to still have her here. I am 58 years old and I feel I could have a long life due to A/P protocol. Thank you roadback and thank you Cheryl F. You helped me get here. So very grateful!!

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