TS (Mom of boy) 2007 USA

I am the mother of an eight-year-old boy who on April 2007 was diagnosed with Systemic Scleroderma. We have been trying to figure out what is wrong with him since May 2006. This is just an overview of what took place during our journey to discover Antibiotic Protocol. His hands are arthritic and his knees and ankles are usually red and shiny and ached. He does not have full motion in his joints anymore and his shoulders hurt most of the time, even to hold a yogurt drinkable. His stomach was always upset and whenever he ate, even a small amount, he would have to hurry to the restroom, not sure if he would throw up or have diarrhea. The doctors had said that the Scleroderma was most likely affecting his colon. My husband and I had been praying for God to guide us and guide us is exactly what he did. Through different circumstances that happened we were given the books Scleroderma, The Proven Therapy That Can Save Your Life and The New Arthritis Breakthrough… My husband looked into the Road Back Foundation and we were amazed to learn about Antibiotic Protocol. Never before had we been told that this was even an option. What happened next will not surprise most and now that I am experienced does not surprise me, but our Pediatric Rheumatologist put her foot down and said absolutely not. She would not even consider letting him take Minocin. In fact most of the doctors that we contacted laughed at us and said NO. My family had something more special than anything else and that was God and he said YES. Friends and family got together and raised enough money for us to travel to Iowa and receive the IV treatment that my son needed so badly(8/17/07). Now what my husband and I saw was absolutely amazing. After the third treatment (second day), my son wanted pizza and it did not make him sick. By the third day he had color in his face. When we got home family and friends could not believe how good he looked. Now about two weeks home he did start feeling bad again, it lasted a few days and then he regained his energy plus some. The Physical Therapist was amazed she said that it was like looking at a different child. He could really ride that bike and after all the stretches he never cried that he ached or hurt. We were fortunate to find a doctor in our town that said he would approve IV treatment once a month for our son. We just completed our first dose four days ago and WOW I can’t believe how much energy he has. It has been so long since we have seen him able to play, one forgets how he use to be. An example of this is that we forgot he had so many freckles and when they appeared we were very surprised. I am thankful for the people who called me and encouraged me to look into Antibiotic Protocol. I know now that my little boy will grow to be a man, and I a Grandmother. What bothers me is that there are families who do not know about this treatment and go on suffering needlessly. We are at the beginning with my sons treatment but I now can see an end that is happy. I only pray that others will have the same ending as my family.

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