Mary 2000 USA

I was diagnosed with Diffuse Scleroderm June of 1999. I was hardening inside and out quickly and by Feburary of 2000 I was bedridden, unable to walk barley ten steps and scared! My face, legs, chest, arms were all becoming like rocks and my internal gastro track, lungs were hardening faster. I had laser surgery for my watermelon stomach 3 times, raynauds was terrible and I was living in cold Cleveland, Ohio!
I was on many medications with many side effects that were not working.

I thank my mother and god for finding the!! On my third attempt to find a doctor in Ohio I found one in Parma, Ohio who had also had used the antibiotic treatment for her RH. She is a bundle of energy!

I started the protocol at home with an IV nurse coming to my house. Within 2 weeks of treatment I felt less fatigue and remember vividly wanting to clean! LOL. within 4 months I was able to bend my arms, my face loosened and I could get around walking a bit better. By 6 months I could bend my knees to put on pants, had more energy and continued to soften. By Feb 2001 I was back to work. I also had completely reversed my internal hardening proven thru my testing and doctors at the Cleveland Clinic. At that time however they thought it was all in my head! hahaha. They did not understand or acknowledge the antibiotic treatment.

I currently am taking the Minocin orally 3 days a week and now go for my IV every 3 months. I have experimented by going longer then 3 months but for some reason I start to harden again and feel more fatigued. I feel the hardening in my hands and face first, my body starts to ache more and I get brain fog. So for now every 3 months is keeping me working, happy and healthy! I have had no side effects. I thought I would get yeast infections, but have never had one. I was told by my gastro doctors to watch my gut flora, but that seems to have not been a problem after 7 years on the treatment. On a positive note, I sure do look young for my 44 years! I have read that antibiotics have an affect on the skin! good news….

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