Rheumatoid Arthritus

Melinda 2006

It’s been a year now since I learned that I have Rheumatoid Arthritis. I remember those dark weeks of depression and despair very well. Being just smart enough to get myself into trouble, I had read many devastating statistics of gloom and doom. I felt completely overwhelmed, sad and hopeless. Then, quite by accident, a little ray of hope peeked into my blackness. I had stumbled across a journal entry by a woman whose story sounded very much like my own. She had been very successfull with something called Antibiotic Protocol and after much reading and research I decided to get on board the train. A year has come and gone and now I look back and see incredible changes. The constant fatigue has abated and I can actually get things accomplished in my days now. I used to creep out of bed every morning because I never knew which joints would be flaring that day. Now, to my surprise, there are no more flares. I can even do some heavy lifting, work on my feet, go for a walk, clean the house and much more without setting off a weeklong bout of pain. Almost a year of nothing but 200mgs of minocycline on Mon, Wed and Fri and my SED rate has dropped well into the normal range and my last bloodwork came back with a “negative” RF Factor. Before they had always come back “positive.” How many people could get their lives back from this disease by using AP? How many doctors deny them the chance? I tell everyone I can about my experiences in the hopes that one more person can experience what I have – one more person can get their life back.

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