Rheumatoid Arthritis

Ann 2016 USA

I was diagnosed with RA in 2005. The original Rheumatologist I went to wanted to prescribe four (4) major drugs–all at once! I remember thinking, “what if I ended up with an allergic reaction to one of the drugs? I would never know which one I was allergic to!” Needless to say, I did not go back to her. I went for a second opinion and chose a Rheumatologist who I still have in my “circle of support”. I asked to try some of the more traditional drugs first instead of going on one of the biologicals. Little did I know that they do not help to slow down the disease–only to treat the symptoms. I ended up having an allergic reaction to each and every one. Soon after, I chose to be on Enbrel–only. I did not want to mix it with MTX or any other drugs. I was on Enbrel for almost seven (7) years.

By the end of the seven (7) years, I was tired of being an immunosuppressive patient and giving myself a shot every week. In January, 2013, I made a serious commitment to learning about AP Therapy. I wrote to Road Back Foundation requesting a local Dr. they could recommend who was well-versed in AP Therapy. I did not mind if I had to fly out-of-state or take a long drive to go to a Dr. who would be educated and a positive support in AP Therapy. Fortunately, it was the latter–only about a 90-minute drive each way. I was thrilled! My new Dr. weaned me off Enbrel and put me on 100 mg minocycline 2x a day in with Low-Dose Naltrexone (4.5 mg/day). I still kept my regular Rheumatologist where I had my regular blood work through. In fact, I’m still the only patient in his practice on AP Therapy. My plan was to try AP Therapy for one year and if I was making improvement, then I would continue it through another year. It has now been over three (3+) years and I’m still in remission! I walk daily and even jog on my treadmill! AP Therapy works and I share it with everyone that wants to listen. I couple it with eating an anti-inflammatory diet (very important), Omega-3 (I use Omax-3–the purist form of Omega-3) and Vitamin D3. The Vitamin D3 is vital for overall health more than anything, but the Omega-3 has helped substantially as well. Keeping inflammation in your body down to the bare minimum is key. This includes identifying your food allergies and eliminating them from you diet. I am proof this therapy works! It takes commitment and focus, but it can be done! Good luck!

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