Rheumatoid Arthritis

Ed 2002 USA

My wife broke her back about 10 yrs ago – she was never to ride again (she exercised everyday and rode again after 1 year). About 4 yrs ago she developed Rheumatoid Arthritis – a nasty crippling and life shortening disease. (Osteo and Rheuematoid are different diseases). The family doctor who diagnosed the disease was emotionally upset when he told us she had RA. She was prescribed the usual nasty drugs methotrexate and cortisone,(we believe these staved off the bone disfiguring elements). 3 yrs ago we discovered a book – The Road Back, by Thomas McPherson Brown, M.D., and Henry Scammell. The book talks about the cause of RA being a relative of bacteria called Mycoplasma. After trying a so called \”specialist\” in the treatment recommended, we returned to our family doctor who happily prescibed the Minomycin (an antibiotic) which is the basis of the treatment. The pain diminished and she was then able to stop the nasty drugs. If she was not expecting a baby she would be riding today, as she did every day until 3 months ago. Not currently on medication (Minomycin is discouraged during pregnancy), the pain is significant, but when on Minomycin she lives a normal pain free life with stiffness in the mornings. The damage cannot be repaired but the pain can be eliminated and the disease stopped in its tracks. The researchers reckon that any pain associated with Osteo is actually caused by an RA infection. The web site is http://www.roadback.org The book can be bought from amazon.com. The treatment is medical, your doctor can prescribe it, it is safe, it is cheap, it works and I recommend it.

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