Rheumatoid Arthritis

Hal 2003 USA

In Dec 91 I had a severe flare of pain and swelling in rt knee, elbow and foot diagnosed as RA with immediate chemo recommended. Heard about AP ,found a doc who was using it and started on regular tetracycine..1500 mg of Sumycin a week in two doses. Long story short, Pain and swelling reduced immediately but then went through a Herx reaction { feeling worse } and about the sixth month started getting better. By the tenth month was totally symptom free have been for 12 years ! Still take the same 1500 mg/week doses with no side effects..do this because three times when tetracycline was discontinued the hot feelings in my toes and elbow returned. TC is very safe and inexpensive. Much slower reacting than Minocin but in newly diagnosed cases mi ght be preferable.

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