Rheumatoid Arthritis

Richard 2002 USA

In 1996, I was almost crippled with RA. The arthritis specialist had me on several different arthritis drugs for almost a year and I was doing fairly well but because of possible side effects I had to have liver tests, blood tests, etc. done frequently and the doctor said I would be on some arthritis medicine the rest of my life. I had heard of someone being treated successfully with antibiotics but my specialist would not hear of trying something experimental. I shopped for a doctor willing to study the issue and take me as a patient. My present internal medicine doctor started to treat me with Minocycle in 1997. I am now virually normal, all nodules are miniscule, and I only have minor flair ups 3 or 4 times a year. My RA factor showes negative but I am staying on a maintenance doseage every other month, mainly at my request. I am doing super considering that in 1996 there were days I literaly could not get out of bed. Today, very few people can even tell I have or had RA.

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