Rheumatoid Arthritis

Fena 2002 USA

I had a very sudden onset of ra in the fall of 1986. On a saturday, i ran my usual six mile run along the russian river in the california wine country. I developed severe flu symptoms as well as a myriad of other symptoms, which really puzzled a number of doctors. By the following wednesday, i was hospitalized and diagnosed with ra. My life has never been the same–but so much better since discovering the ap! For twelve years, i tried different nsaids, \”gold,\” and methotrexate. The \”metho\” worked the best for me, but i had to continually increase the dosage to get the same effect. After hearing about dr. Brown, reading \’the road back\’ and researching the anti-biotic protocol, i made the decision to begin the ap in jan. Of 1998. I gradually decreased the methotrexate and at the same time gradually introduced oral minocycline. After one year, i was off the mino and taking a maintenance dose of 100 mgs. Mwf. Since 1999, i have not had a single flare! My lab work is normal–sed rate in low twenties. The quality of my life has improved immensely. I have joint damamge from all the years of chronic inflammation, but i am not depressed, ill, in a wheel chair or in bed! I swim and walk several times a week. My advice to you is find a doctor who is familiar with the ap and willing to allow you to be part of the \”team.\” you must be very proactive about your medical care. You are your own best doctor! Good luck and god bless.

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