Rheumatoid Arthritis

Susan 2002 USA

I was diagnosed with RA in the spring of 1996. I felt kind of tired and had very mild body aches. I had trouble with achilles tendonitis, but I attributed that to my gym work-outs. When I found out, I was devasted because my Mom has lupus, and I know what it\’s like to live w/ a rheumatic disease. I managed to live with fairly mild symptoms (mainly tendons that became inflamed if I moved the wrong way or too strenuously) until 1998, when I developed stiffness in my knees, ankles, hands, and fingers, as well as painful wrists. I was also very tired. I had learned about AP before these symptoms started, and my rhematologist had agreed to start me on it WHEN I became symptomatic. I realize I should have started before, but I didn\’t so I gradually increased them, having a mild flare with jaw pain and lots of fatigue and depression. I finally got up to 200 mgs a day and have been on that for almost 3 years. All my tests are normal now, and I am starting to cut back. Within three months of starting it, I was 80% better, and after the first year, I was asymptomatic. Pain-free! I go to the gym, lift weights, and have more energy than my husband! I am very lucky to have found “The Road Back” in a health food store before I became very ill. I truly feel blessed. It is a miracle. Every doctor I see for any reason is surprised at hearing about it; but I\’m spreading the word wherever I can.

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