Rheumatoid Arthritis

Debbie 2003 USA

I woke up with RA while on vacation in Hilton Head in 2000. It hit me rapidly and aggressively. I began with all the traditional medications and failed to find relief with them. In the summer of 2002, I reluctantly went on Remicade. At the time it seemed like a miracle drug. I soon found myself taking higher doses and finding that I the infusions did not control my symptoms for the recommended eight week intervals. I also began to experience the scarring of my veins from all the IV\’s and bloodwork. Emotionally, I was preparing myself for permanent disability. This was especially devasting, because my mother has been disabled since I was a child with serious mental illness. I have learned to fear helplessness. I have cared for her and my family for as long as I can remember. I did not wish to put my husband or children through the ordeal I have been through with my mom. One day as I was sitting in church, a small voice told me that I would be healed. Understanding that healing is not immediate, it is in God\’s time, I waited and remained hopeful. Four months passed, and my healing began. Just by chance, I was put on an antibiotic for 10 days in March, 2003. My arthritis was improved by 50% in just two weeks. I began to educate myself on antibiotics and RA. I found this web site and absorbed as much information as I could. Then I went to my Rhuematologist and insisted on the antibiotic protocal. He reluctantly wrote a script for Minocin as he muttered something about it being a waste of time. Well I have been on Minocin for about eight weeks. My sed rate is only six. I took my last infusion of Remicade in April. I am off Celebrex, and Ultram. I have found another doctor who is willing to accept AP as a viable option for RA. Each day I get stronger. My bike came out of the shed after three years. I have planted lots of flowers. I am starting to get my musculature back. Yesterday, I began my job search for a teaching position in special education. I have my essence back. I can do what I find so vital to my life–being needed and working hard. I am hopeful that I can be an example to others who find themselves in this difficult situation. I want to spread the word that antibiotics are a vital part of treatment for RA.

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